Goodbye Captain Cold: Wentworth Miller Announces Exit From Arrowverse

Credit: The CW

It’s time to say goodbye to one of our favorite bad-guys-with-a-heart in the Arrowverse. As Wentworth Miller announced Saturday on social media, he will be exiting DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash this season.

In a picture he posted to Instagram he reveals that he is currently filming his final episodes as Leonard Snart. Read the full message below:

Wentworth Miller had first entered the world of met humans and vigilantes in The Flash’s first season, where he comes face to face with the Scarlet Speedster after trying to steal a rare diamond. Snart then proceeds to steal the cold gun that Cisco had created, which earns him the nick name Captain Cold.

Miller then reunited with his Prison Break co-star Dominic Purcell, who took on the role as Heatwave/Mick Rory. The two-some did not only bring humour to The Flash, but came with a chemistry that many villains of the Arrowverse lacked. Eventually, Snart and Barry agreed to a ceasefire.

The two criminals then joined Rip Hunter on his mission to save the world in the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow spin-off series. The two were unlikely heroes, and even more unlikely allies to the remaining characters, such as the brilliant but often naïve Ray Palmer or League-trained assassin Sara Lance.

We said goodbye to Leonard Snart for the first time in the penultimate episode of Legends season one. He sacrifices himself to save his team, which resulted in the destruction of the Time Masters. He would die a hero after all.

Miller’s Snart then returned for the series’ second season, as a younger version of Leonard joined the Legion of Doom and their search for the Spear of Destiny. It enabled them to change not just time but reality. The mission was stopped by the Legends, who then put Leonard back in his timeline.

At San Diego Comic Con this summer, the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow panel teased that Wentworth Miller would be back for the show’s third season, but nothing could have prepared us that this season would be his last.

Miller will also reprise his role in the upcoming DCTV crossover “Crisis on Earth X”, as previewed by the official poster for the event. Can you spot him right over Barry’s shoulder?

After enjoying Captain Cold for several years it will be very difficult to say goodbye. He will be missed, but we do hope that Miller is on to bigger and better things.

We also hope that Purcell’s Mick Rory is able to move on losing his best friend once again. He may be a tough guy, but there’s a heart underneath all that grumble.

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