Farewell To The Mindy Project: Schulman & Associates Says Goodbye

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The time has come for Dr. Mindy Lahiri to put on her scrubs for the last time. Never again will we see her have a meltdown, insult Morgan, or eat a donut from the garbage can. The final episode of Hulu’s The Mindy Project is up and we’re more than a little emotional about it.

While we knew going into season six that it would be the last, it does not make the close of the show any less bittersweet. Fans of the show have seen it through a cancellation, subsequent pick-up and change in provider (FOX to Hulu), and an additional three seasons. They have also seen Mindy through countless breakups, a few engagements, the birth of her first child, the opening of her own fertility clinic, a marriage, and a divorce. She may not have always made the best decisions (cough season four cough), but we have always loved Mindy for being unabashedly herself.

It Had to Be You

Times are changing for the staff at Schulman & Associates. Everyone seems to be going through their own turmoil and trying to handle it, but this group is no less of a hot mess than they were in the very first episode. And we love it.

After Dr. Jody bailed on Later, Baby, Mindy touches base with her financial consultant to see if the clinic can survive without Jody’s equity. It definitely can’t, so among her very limited options is to find another doctor to replace Jody’s equity in the company. In advance of his marriage, Morgan has decided to gasp give away his dogs. One for each of his friends. I have to be honest – this is not something I thought we would ever see! Jeremy is left reeling (then celebrating) when he hears that his father has passed away.

Three Weeks Later

Jeremy returns from his father’s funeral a completely different person. It turns out his stuffy, stuck-up personality was a show he put on to impress his father. While Jeremy and the office are excited to see this change in him, Anna is… less than thrilled. She sees it for what it is: a cry for help.

Now that Mindy and Danny are back in each other’s good graces, Mindy visits with Annette ahead of her mastectomy. Danny and Annette drop by the Later, Baby office to pick her up on the way to an appointment. It is at that time that Danny admires Mindy’s handiwork on the walls, AKA all the pictures of the babies she has helped create through the clinic. When she admits that it probably will not be long before she has to sell the clinic, Danny immediately begins to make comments about the couches and pillows and her spending habits. Mindy sets him straight, through, and tells him about the Jody situation.

At Annette’s appointment with the anesthesiologist, Mindy works her magic by blackmailing the best anesthesiologist in the city when he tries to get out of the surgery. “Fine,” he says. “Someone else will have to treat the triplets that play Ryan Seacrest.” LOLOL

Danny is anxious for his ma’s surgery that Saturday, but happy to have Mindy around. There’s just one slight problem: Saturday is also Morgan and Tamra’s wedding. “I think he might kill himself if both of us aren’t there,” she says (#truth). Never fear, though; Mindy has it all under control. She has a sitter for Leo, she will go to the wedding, and Danny and his brother can stay with Annette.

Wedding Bell Blues

Tamra and Morgan’s wedding day has finally arrived! It’s also the day of Annette’s surgery and Danny is a nervous wreck. Mindy gets to the church and is looking super chic in her hot pink dress. Jeremy is missing in action so Mindy decides she is going to be Anna’s date for the day. Just as Beverly is complaining that her newfound son is mad at her, Jeremy shows up in a full tux. He is his old self again – hooray! He only gets two complaints: one from Mindy who liked him when he was cool, and one from Beverly who liked him when he was fat (RIP, Chubby Jeremy).

Tamra and Morgan are married in a bizarre but beautiful ceremony, officiated by Morgan’s cousin. Halfway through the ceremony, Mindy receives a phone call that the fertility clinic has been saved by a donor who has offered to buy equity – Danny. Mindy calls him, furious, and accuses him of trying to gain control over her once more. She even calls him out on not wanting her to start the practice in the first place. Danny admits that he has had a change of heart after watching Mindy grow the practice while still being a great mom, and does not want to tell her how to run her business. Mindy is grateful, if not a little skeptical, but returns to the wedding. After an outfit change, Mindy is seated at what Morgan calls the loser table, but really is a handful of hot guys waiting for her.

When it comes time for the toasts, Morgan gives a really heartfelt speech and then proceeds to do a full choreographed number for Tamra. It only gets better when Jeremy, Anna, Colette, and Beverly join him. Mindy feels left out, but she has a speech of her own to give. During Mindy’s speech about how lovely the couple is, Morgan realizes he forgot to invite his grandma. Insert facepalm here. As Mindy goes on, she speaks of how Morgan and Tamra definitely were not suited for each other initially, but as the years passed and they both changed, they became right for each other. Sound familiar?

She looks at the bracelet she put on that morning – one Danny gave her – and Jeremy translates that the Italian word inscribed on the bangle stands for “run.” Mindy has her a-ha moment and peaces out of the wedding without a backward glance. With Morgan’s support and his bike, she makes her way to the hospital to find Danny and tell him how she feels.

Love is Blind

At the hospital, Annette is doing well. The surgery was a success and Annette is resting comfortably. Danny is his normal pragmatic self and ribs Mindy for looking like such a mess after riding the bike and running from the church to the hospital. Mindy exchanges pleasantries with Danny’s mom and brother, things get a touch awkward. After Danny jokes that he could have told her all that over a text, Mindy leaves.

Once they are alone, Danny’s family gives him a hard time for not seeing what is right in front of his face. When he still doesn’t get it, his brother tells him that Mindy showing up was a romantic gesture, and even Annette encourages Danny to go after her. Danny runs frantically through the hospital to find Mindy. And find her he does – with her hand caught in the vending machine.

When he retrieves her snack and her stuck hand, he mentions that it was brought to his attention that she may have shown up to tell him something. Mindy plays it dumb/cool and denies that she has anything more to say… but encourages him to share with her what he thought she was going to say. “I don’t know,” he answers. “This is dumb, but I thought maybe you’d say that you love me again.” When Mindy presses him for how he would react to that, and he says he would like it, she reiterated that it wasn’t what she was going to say. Defeated, Danny is on his way out the door when Mindy stops him.

“I wasn’t gonna say that I loved you again,” Mindy admits. “I was gonna say that I never stopped loving you, and I don’t think I ever will.” Cue the kiss and romantic music. Even though Danny was never my favorite, I have to say that it was a very sweet conversation and romantic moment.

Danny begins to argue about logistics and their future, but Mindy pushes back. She has found herself and her strength and just may be ready to go head to head with Danny Castellano once more. When Danny keeps pushing, Mindy stops him. “Can we just watch TV?,” she asks. “We have the rest of our lives to argue.”

Credit: Hulu

End scene.

End episode.

End series.

In the final recap of this series, I want to take a moment to appreciate all the countless hours of laughter and frustration fans have received from this show. I believe that these final ten episodes we received in season six have been a fulfilling, satisfying ending to a show I have truly adored.

This show made it through six successful seasons and will be sorely missed. So, in short, thank you. Thank you to Mindy Kaling for bringing everything Mindy Lahiri and her world to life. Thank you to the brilliant writers, talented actors, and every other person who played a part in making this show one that will never be forgotten.

Abby Bertrand