Disney’s Live-Action The Lion King Reveals Full Voice Cast, Confirms Beyonce As Nala

Credit: Disney

I have to say that Disney’s most ambitious live-action remake of its classic animated films is The Lion King. Unlike the equally ambitious, The Jungle Book, which had a couple humans characters, this 2019 film is going to have nothing. It’s going to be all CGI animals.

With The Jungle Book‘s Jon Favreau directing, however, I am cautiously optimistic about the film. A director, however, is nothing without good talent. For the past couple of months, we saw the casting slowly build.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a full list for the cast of the film has been released. While we knew most of the names on there, a persistent rumor has finally been confirmed.


This has been the most persistent and the most exciting of the rumors for me. Hopefully, this will go better than the last film she lent her voice to the ironically named 2013 movie, Epic. I also think that this is the first major project she’s working on since the birth of her twins as well.

Here’s the official cast list for the film.

Let’s start with our cast of good guys in this Hamlet-esque tale.

Simba: Donald Glover
Young Simba: JD McCrary
Mufasa: James Earl Jones
Sarabi: Alfre Woodard
Nala: Beyonce
Young Nala: Shahadi Wright Joseph
Rafiki: John Kani
Zazu: John Oliver
Pumbaa: Seth Rogen
Timon: Billy Eichner

Now it’s time for one of the deliciously best bad guys in Disney and his three hyena companions.

Scar: Chiwetel Ejiofor
Kamari: Keegan-Michael Key
Azizi: Eric Andre
Shenzi: Florence Kasumba

The Lion King opens July 19, 2019.

Bec Heim