Darren Criss Does His “Homework” With New Song And EP Announcement

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Darren Criss fans have been waiting a long time for the singer and actor to release new solo songs, and Criss surprised us all with the news that we are finally getting a new solo EP.

The American Crime Story and Glee star announced earlier today that he will finally be releasing a new 5 track EP called Homework AND he dropped a new song called “I Don’t Mind.”

Although Criss and his brother released Lost Boys Life EP earlier this year, it has been seven years since Criss’s first EP Human was released. The new song which will be on the EP has a different sound to what people are used to hearing from Criss, but it has the same acoustic feel that “I Dreamed a Dream ” had and we love the song already.  The full track listing for the EP is:

  1. “Foolish Thing”
  2. “I Dreamed A Dream”
  3. “Going Nowhere”
  4. “I Don’t Mind”
  5. “The Day That The Dance Is Over”

Homework will be released on December 15, 2017, and can be pre-ordered from Criss’s website, either as a physical CD or as part of a bundle which will include a signed CD, along with a whole bunch of exclusive goodies including a pencil case and a notebook! As someone who loves stationery I know which one I will be ordering, and the fact that CD will be signed is only an added bonus.

The EP release date coincides with Criss’s previously announced concert at LA’s Globe Theatre and general tickets for the event go on sale tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10am PST.

Criss gave fans further insight to the new EP via his newsletter, saying:

“It’s a new EP called “Homework.” I liked the name for a couple of reasons. For starters, I made it mostly at home. Whether writing or recording it at my own place or at friends’, it’s about as homegrown as you can get. It was produced mostly with real live instruments, getting back to what really started my life as a songwriter in the first place- guitars & pianos and words & music. The main idea behind this was to embrace me just being me as much as possible in the hopes of it reaching you in some kind of positive way.

Secondly, homework always took me way too long to do. It’s true what they say- an artist’s work is never done. It never feels “done” until it’s out there for someone else to experience. And so here I am, “finishing” it by releasing it into the world, and encouraging it to live its own life with you. You who have waited very patiently and supported me tirelessly through the years- my family & friends from school growing up in San Francisco, my friends from college in Ann Arbor, the fans that kicked off my career and the new ones that are interested into diving a little deeper into my backstory. This one’s for you. So here, I did some homework.”

There is no doubt that if “I Don’t Mind” is anything to go by, the new EP will have a more mature sound than some people will be used to, but it has to be said that we are loving this new mature Darren, and even the shorter hair is growing on us, but we prefer his curls.

Homework can be pre-ordered right here and the EP can be pre-saved on Spotify by clicking here.

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