Barry Tries To Outthink The Thinker In “Therefore I Am” On This Week’s The Flash

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Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, Ralph learned the number one thing about being a hero: caring about others. Harry, meanwhile, assembled the Councils of Wells in order to figure out who DeVoe is. Eventually, they come up with the name: Clifford DeVoe. When Barry and Joe go to confront him, however, the Mechanic and the Thinker are in civilian disguises, a married couple.

This week, DeVoe plays mind games with Barry while Iris finishes planning the wedding.

So let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

Distracted: Four years ago, a class of DeVoe’s students are clearly not paying attention to him (seriously guys?). The Mechanic comes in offers flirting and consoling. Apparently DeVoe had an idea to increase their students minds by increasing his own mind, she agrees to build the device. (God they are such a cute couple.) In the present, Joe and Barry go over the story that the name came up in an investigation. They try to see if he recognizes the bus metas and notice a samurai painting. DeVoe and the Mechanic are giving the right answers, but something is speaking to Barry. Barry and Joe leave. Harry meets them outside, asking if it was him. At STAR Labs, Barry is adamant that there is something fishy about DeVoe. He convinces the others to look into him. Iris sends everyone off to check in on DeVoe. Barry, much like DeVoe, tells Iris that he feels like the luckiest man alive. In the past, the Mechanic builds DeVoe’s mind expander. There is a powering issue with the device. DeVoe decides to use the particle accelerator to help power it. In the present, DeVoe is teaching an attentive class that Barry sits in on it. DeVoe talks about how history can repeat itself. He asks some questions to DeVoe, who starts questioning his motives.  As he gives DeVoe his card, Barry swipes his mug to get DNA.

Outstanding: Caitlin does a scan on DeVoe’s mug. He does not have metahuman DNA. He’s a Big Brother, does charity work, and no parking tickets. Everyone thinks DeVoe sounds like a good guy, but Barry remains adamant. Something is not right with DeVoe, but no one else believes him. Cisco’s vibe doesn’t turn up anything. Iris tries to calm him down. In the past, we see Harrison give his big speech about the particle accelerator and what happened after Barry chased the lifter. The Mechanic (Marlese(?) DeVoe) asks an insightful question and Harrison recognizes the name DeVoe. Husband and wife knows what’s going to happen. She’s nervous about what will happen, but he remains adamant. As people scatter, DeVoe puts on his helmet. It strikes true, but something goes wrong. Marlese, thinking he’s dead, starts crying. She kisses him awake. When she asks how he feels, all we get is “enlightened”. At CCPD, Singh is asking to see Barry. The DeVoes are there to file a complaint against Barry. Singh tells Barry to back off. In the special “stretched” scene, Iris plans the wedding while Ralph appears to get help translating Cisco speak.

Enlightenment: Iris comes to visit Barry at work where he tries to hide his DeVoe board from her. She confronts him over his hyperfocus on the DeVoes. They have found nothing on the pair, so can he please let it go. In the past, DeVoe listens to music as he is busy at work. He has solved unsolvable theories and knows who Jack the Ripper is. He has a seizure though. In the present, Barry hears the bug inside the Samuaroid. At the DeVoe home, Marlese kisses the sleeping Clifford and leaves while Barry breaks into their place. (NOT SMART DUDE) Barry starts refiling through DeVoe’s personal things as his wife comes home. Barry is able to get out. In the past, we learn that DeVoe has ALS caused by his enlightened mind. The Mechanic wants to fix everything. At STAR Labs, Barry tells about the camera in the Samuroid head to everyone. They learn about the breaking and entering. They gently confront him, but Barry is tipping over the edge. At the CCPD, Marlese cries to Captain Singh about what happened. He suspends Barry for two weeks. He tells Barry to reconsider his future in law enforcement.

Focused: Iris finds the restraining order that Barry has been served. Barry confesses that he’s terrified about DeVoe and what he represents. He has a lot more to lose now. It scares him. Iris tells him that he needs to live in the moment and face it as it comes. She assures him that they are the Flash. In the past, Devoe struggles with the progression of his disease. He takes it out on his wife, asking what he is now. He wants her to let him die. She promises not to go anywhere and gives him a solution to keeping him alive. Barry goes to see DeVoe, asking who is he really. DeVoe reveals he knows who he is. DeVoe comes clean to him, showing just how smart he is. He tells Barry that he is the fastest mind alive. He informs Barry that he lost and hasn’t realized it. He then congratulates Barry about the wedding and tells him that he will be thinking of him.

The Thinker: Barry comes clean to the team, who realize that they were wrong about DeVoe. They are a bit terrified about confronting someone with super-intelligence. Cisco names the guy. They’re going to need everyone, including Wally. He apparently fought Starro in his spare time, but is now home to help. Now, however, it is time for the wedding. The Mechanic and the Thinker return to their lab, where he reveals that he does hold some admiration for Barry. He declares that Team Flash will be the first to experience the Enlightenment. His body, however, is degenerating faster than the chair can handle. The Mechanic wants him to survive, but DeVoe is adamant that it will last enough to complete his mission. They hold hands and watch Barry and Iris. The Thinker declares, “what is knowledge without love?”

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