The Mindy Project’s “Jeremy And Anna’s Meryl Streep Costume Party” Shows Softer Sides Of Jody And Beverly

Credit: Hulu

Last Tuesday’s episode of The Mindy Project is one of my favorites in recent history. Why is that? Well, I love a good costume party and I’m a sucker for a reunion. Let’s get to it!

Man, Oh Man

Just as Mindy has decided to swear off men, she and Jeremy run into a very attractive man checking out their building. David seems nerdy and sweet, and she invites him to lunch to get to know each other. The two have lunch. He seems frighteningly eager to meet the office staff – if he only knew! – so Mindy invites him to Jeremy’s upcoming party.

 Come as Your Favorite Meryl

Jeremy is paranoid. Why? For the first time, everyone in the office has RSVP-ed to his Meryl Streep costume party. He is convinced they are all pranking him. In reality, however, it’s just an awesome party theme for his and Anna’s housewarming party. The staff lists the many reasons to admire Streep that she is genuinely excited to be nominated for awards (even the Golden Globes), and that she actually attends the ceremonies (cough * Maggie Smith * cough).

[Sidebar: The Maggie Smith joke is Morgan’s words, not mine, but I couldn’t agree more.]

At the party, the office crew dress up in some of the greatest costumes I’ve seen. Once there, Mindy (dressed as Julia Child) introduces David to the office crew. It’s when Beverly turns around that things take a turn. David admits in front of everyone that he is BEVERLY’S SON. Beverly’s first instinct is to deny it, but the tapes don’t lie.


Change of Heart

Jody loses a patient because of his sexist, misogynist, patronizing bedside manner. He is appalled to find out that she left him to go to the free clinic. Naturally, his hurt ego won’t allow him to just let it go. He visits the doctor and tries to convince Dr. Hernandez to convince his patient to come back. She refuses, but the battle is far from over.

It turns out that Dr. Hernandez is a friend of Anna’s from medical school. Jody corners her at the Meryl Streep party. He tries to turn on his southern charm, and even invites her to dinner. She rebuts his advances once more.

In an attempt to poach customers from Dr. Hernandez’s free clinic, Jody and Morgan fix up the old mobile health van. They park it outside the free clinic (after Morgan riddled it of the raccoons, of course). They help many of the patients waiting in the line that extends around the block, and make a difference. Toward the end of the day, it seems like Jody may actually have a heart after all. After they are done, he meets with Dr. Hernandez and admits that he had a great day.

He would like to continue to park the van outside and see patients on a weekly basis.

Even though she initially wanted nothing to do with him, Beverly decides she owes it to David to have a conversation with him. Jeremy and Mindy arm her with a list of appropriate topics and dress her in the best paisley blouse that Kohl’s Cash can buy. After a successful conversation, David realizes his wallet is missing. Mindy knows exactly where to find it.

When Mindy confronts Beverly, it seems that the older woman just needs some encouragement. She doesn’t know how to be a mother. That’s why she originally left David outside of a Jazzercise studio. Mindy delivers the comfort and compliments that Beverly needs to go forward and build a relationship with David.

This episode was really sweet and showed a new side to both Beverly and Jody. As the show winds down, I am happy to see that these longtime characters are still getting the thoughtful attention they deserve.

Abby Bertrand