The Midwife Returns To The Mindy Project On This Week’s Episode

Credit: Hulu

This week on The Mindy Project, everything changes. Last week showed Beverly’s brief venture into motherhood and Jody’s mission to give back to the community. This week’s episode brings even more change, both to the practice and the staff.

Return of the Midwife

Brendan Deslaurier (Mark Duplass) is back! On the way to work, Mindy and Morgan encounter a sad transient ready to throw himself onto the subway tracks, only to find that it is Mindy’s one-time lover and the practice’s all-the-time nemesis, Brendan Deslaurier. The midwife became a fan favorite in early seasons of the series due to his penchant for antagonizing Mindy and the gang from Schulman & Associates. We are happy to report that he is just as irritating but lovable as he always was.

Brendan’s brother and fellow midwife, Duncan, has kicked him out of the practice and has taken a different approach to their practice. Brendan claims his brother is hooked on “the white stuff,” AKA sugar, and that is why his personality has completely changed. When Mindy and Morgan take him to the office (still upstairs from Schulman & Associates) to confront his brother, it turns out the Duncan is not addicted to sugar, but actually found a new purpose as the Alpha male after watching Disney’s Frozen. Don’t ask.

Feeling sorry for their depressed frenemy, Mindy and Morgan offer Brendan a job as Schulman & Associates’ resident midwife.

Show Me the Money

In a meeting with their financial advisor, the doctors of Schulman & Associates learn that their expenses for the last year have gone through the roof. The office needs to get some new patients and cash flow in the building or they will be in big trouble. That is why when Brendan has new ideas for the practice, he is only met with slight hostility. While the other doctors are upset that Mindy made a poor hiring decision without consulting anyone else, Mindy is mostly pissed that Brendan threw away her donuts.

Whoa, Baby!

Tamra’s cousin, Sheena (guest star Laverne Cox), shows up at the office to confront her. After learning that her cousin plans to be a single mother by choice, Sheena decided it’s time to talk some sense into Tamra. When she admits to Jeremy and Anna that Tamra said the father works in the office, Jeremy is certain that the father is none other than Jody Kimball-Kinney. But why?

Apparently during the summertime, Jeremy saw Tamra and Jody enter a movie theatre showing a Tyler Perry film HAND IN HAND.

With the way news travels throughout the office and the hospital, things are bound to get out of hand. Jeremy and Anna decide to go straight to the source to confirm if Tamra is pregnant or not.

Mindy refuses to confirm or deny, due to HIPPO (no, not HIPAA). Shocked to learn that Jeremy suspects Jody is the father, Mindy will not stand in the way of Tamra being a single mother… Which is how the three end up confronting Jody in his office.

Jeremy, Anna, and Mindy insist that Jody is the father – and even want a blood test to prove it. No matter how much Colette tries to deter their line of thinking, they go to Tamra anyway. When everyone else leaves the room, Brendan invites Colette to share her thoughts, since it looked like she got cut off earlier. Uh oh…

When the group confronts Tamra (with Morgan also in the room), Tamra confirms that she is pregnant, but denies that Jody is the father. The only reason they were holding hands is because Jody really likes Madea movies, but, as a white man, apparently makes people uncomfortable when he goes alone. So if Jody isn’t the father, who is? A sperm donor, according to Tamra.

Morgan is thrilled for Tamra and gives her a big hug of congratulations. At that moment, Colette and Brendan walk by, and Brendan mentions that Colette doesn’t have to worry anymore, because Tamra just told Morgan he’s the father. When a stunned Morgan asks Tamra if he is the father, she answers: “Kind of.” And then Morgan faints.

Determined to become one happy family as soon as humanly possible, Morgan wastes no time in proposing marriage to Tamra. She needs time to think about it, but it isn’t an outright “no,” which is more than to be expected. The next day, Tamra polls the office on if she should or shouldn’t marry Morgan. She gets mixed feedback, but ultimately seems ready to make her own decision. After Morgan proposes for a second time, this one with his grandmother’s ring, he falls down from the story above the courtyard and winds up in the hospital again.

It is in the hospital while Morgan should probably be heavily sedated that Tamra accepts his proposal. Hooray! An office wedding! Hopefully this one turns out better than the last one.

Not all good news travels fast. The rumor of Jody being Tamra’s baby’s father spread through the hospital like wildfire, and Dr. Hernandez from the clinic finds out. While she was originally interested because of Jody’s goodwill and charming personality, after hearing more about him from hospital staff, she has changed her mind.

Brendan decides his time with Schulman & Associates has come to an end. Before her leaves, he gives Mindy a pep talk, and tells her that he’s proud of the sound and level-headed advice she gave Tamra. It’s not like Mindy at all, he says, so he gives her a crystal necklace that is meant to encourage romantic spirit and keep her heart open to the possibility of new love. In his assumedly last words on the series, Brendan tells Mindy: “Well it didn’t work out for us in this one, but hopefully I’ll see you in the next life. Until then, I’ll say Namaste.” Exit Brendan Deslaurier. Chapter closed.

This episode seemed to be one of the first in what will no doubt be a long line of goodbyes from fan favorites over the last five seasons. Brendan Deslaurier was at times a nightmare, but he was always entertaining. Perhaps most importantly, he saw Mindy for exactly who she is, and never hesitated to try to get her back to her true self. Bye Brendan, we’ll (kind of ) miss you.

Abby Bertrand