The Flash Cast Teases Barry’s Return From The Speed Force

Credit: The CW

Today (October 10th), the Flash will make his return, both to our screens and to reality following a stint in the Speed Force. While the time seems to have passed Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) by in, well, a flash, things have been a little rougher at home.

In a interview with Entertainment WeeklyCandice Patton (Iris West), Jesse L Martin (Joe West), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon), and Gustin give a little preview as to what to expect with “The Flash Reborn”.

Right off the bat, Valdes makes it clear that Barry is going to come back a little jumbled.

“He’s spouting all these crazy, nonsense words and dialogue that just doesn’t make any sense, and it’s all chopped up from different semblances of conversations. As far as the team’s skill set is concerned, there’s nothing that they can do about this, so episode 1 is basically just about figuring out how to get the Barry that they know and love back. They get him in the physical form, but he’s not the same.”

Well since the Speed Force is, like, God or something, it makes sense that Barry isn’t going to be all there. It makes it hard for them to deal.

As Martin says, they were having a hard time dealing with Barry away. We come in with Joe worried about Iris in a big way.

“Joe is really, really worried about Iris and thinks that she has taken this too easily. That doesn’t sit right with him; something’s not right. If she’s just accepting this, then something’s not right. He’s trying to encourage her to express herself.”

Patton, however, says that Iris does this because she feels like she needs to put up a brave front.

“There’s a lack of confidence for sure in the team, but they’re doing the best they possibly can.”

Since Iris is the leader, then she needs to set the tone. It makes sense.

Patton, however, praises the creatives for a real back to basics approach for season four.

“I know me and Grant have had a couple of those scenes where it’s just been him and I, and we’ve both gotten to really put our comedy chops on the line. I’ve spent three seasons crying so much, and I haven’t really gotten to do a lot of that lighthearted stuff, so it’s really fun. We’re trying to go back to this more lighthearted comic-book-y version of The Flash.”

When Barry returns, body and mind, back to himself, things will be good for the couple. Hurdles aside, the two of them are getting down that aisle, according to Gustin.

“It’s all good in Barry and Iris land right now. He feels confident in moving forward with the wedding. It’s been fun for me just because it’s back to the optimistic guy that we all got to know Barry as, that he lost a little bit the last couple years.”

Well it certainly looks like we can expect that and more when The Flash returns at 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim