Men In Black Spin-Off To Hit Theatres In 2019

Credit: Sony Pictures

“Here come the Men in Black…”

In 1997, we saw them for the first time. Men In Black introduced us to the world of Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) they protected us and our world from the bad aliens of the galaxy. Not only did the film make Will Smith even more popular at the time, but it also started one of the most famous and successful science fiction action comedy trilogies ever. It was completed with the films Men In Black II in 2002 and Men In Black 3 in 2012. In addition to the films, there was also had an animated series from 1997 to 2001.

Now 20 years after all of this started, we’ll revisit the franchise in a brand new spin-off.

(And we don’t talk about the cross over with 21 Jump Street that was planned (MIB 23). This project seems to be more complicated according to Jonah Hill. Right now, it is still unsure if we get to see such a cross over at all.)

What we know now is that there is a new Men In Black story coming up, according to Deadline.

Sony Pictures already has a planned release date for the still unnamed project, which you can expect to see 17th May, 2019. They have also confirmed that Smith and Jones won’t reprise their roles in the spin-off. Sony Pictures have also announced the writers for this project: Matt Holloway and Art Marcum. Both have previously worked on Iron Man

It’s safe to expect that the Men in Black organization has to face new problems, aliens, and enemies in the spin-off. Currently, the cast, director, and further plot information is unknown at this time. The producer Walter F. Parkers, known for his work on Gladiator, explained that the franchise will be part of the Men In Black universe. It’ll have new scenery. So no more New York City? Who knows?

What do you think about a new Men In Black project?