Kristen Bell Announces Veronica Mars Reunion Is Going To Happen

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Veronica Mars was probably one of the most loved detective shows of our time. This was largely because of Kristen Bell, who portrayed Veronica, who was absolutely amazing and because Veronica is someone we all would love to be. The show was canceled in 2007, though that didn’t mean it was less popular or loved among fans. Let’s fast-forward six years later when Kristen Bell and creator of the show Rob Thomas started a crowdfunding campaign to bring Veronica Mars back to life as a movie that would continue her story. It didn’t even take the fans a day to reach the goal and exceed it, thus making Veronica Mars the movie happen.

Since the movie’s release in 2014, it has been three years and still the fans still love the sleuth. This is something creator Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell and other Veronica Mars cast are well aware of. This was never more evident than during a Facebook Live with IndieWire, when star Ryan Hansen called up Bell to ask her where they stood with a potential reunion of our Veronica Mars favorites. Her answer couldn’t have been better and I am sure fans around the globe are ecstatic about it.

“We are willing to put the effort in — I mean, if I have to do it as Murder She Wrote at 80, we’re going to do it,” Bell announced. “It’s going to happen.”

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Apparently, Bell and Thomas are also in touch every now and then about the show, as the actress revealed during the Facebook Live: “[We] are sort of in constant contact about when we can do it again. There’s a lot of willingness and commitment to doing it again.”

However, as Bell is currently starring in The Good Place, she is well aware that she can’t do two TV shows at once, so instead they’d do a miniseries. This sounds like something everyone would enjoy. Bell provided two other reasons why it is probably going to be a miniseries rather than another feature film:

“Rob and I email about it every couple of months or so,” Bell explained. “And personally I think, and I think Rob probably agrees, is that a) we’ll never make the fans pay for it again and b) the format works better as an episodic [series].”

Though we shouldn’t be too excited just yet, as nothing has been set yet regarding deals and timelines for the project. Nevertheless, we now know that Veronica Mars isn’t gone forever and that my fellow sleuths is fantastic news!

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