Full Trailer For How To Talk To Girls At Parties Has Landed In All Its Punk Glory

Credit: StudioCanal/Image Net

Sometimes there are movies that capture the imagination and How To Talk To Girls At Parties was definitely one that captured mine.

The movie, which is based on a Neil Gaiman short story of the same name, has been adapted and directed by Hedwig and the Angry Inch supremo John Cameron Mitchell. It will have its UK premiere at London Film Festival today (Friday, October 6th).

The movie tells the story of Enn (played by Tony winner Alex Sharp) and his punk friends, who discover that 1970s Croydon has been invaded by a group of aliens led by Nicole Kidman as Queen Boadicea. Ellie Fanning plays alien Zan. She’s torn between choosing between her own kind and staying with Enn who she falls in love with.

The full trailer for the movie dropped yesterday. It is everything fans of Gaiman and Mitchell could have hoped for.

It seems the movie has the perfect balance of punk and eccentricity mixed with a human story thanks to Mitchell’s clever direction. Fanning and Sharp shine in the trailer. With a supporting cast that includes Matt Lucas and Ruth Wilson How To Talk To Girls At Parties will be a movie to watch for when it is released in the UK sometime next year.  We also would love to know when the soundtrack is being released. Based on the music used within the trailer? It sounds epic.

Check out our interview with Matt Lucas where he talked about the movie.

How To Talk to Girls At Parties is being shown as part of 2017 London Film Festival.

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