DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Are Introduced To The Time Bureau In The Season 3 Premiere

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At the end of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season two our heroes found themselves in a whole new reality, one that included dinosaurs in Los Angeles. In episode 3.01 “Aruba-Con”, we pick up right where we left – it’s time to fix time.

Los Angeles, 2017

Before our Legends can even comprehend the new reality they have entered, Rip Hunter appears, with a brand new haircut, and a brand new occupation. For the past five years, Rip has worked on creating a new authority to control time, similar to the time masters. He and his new organisation, the Time Bureau, help the Legends take care of so-called anachronisms, people or things that were taken out of their regular time and space and put into another. He tells them that their services are no longer required and disbands the Legends, stripping them of the Wave Rider.

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Star City, 2017

Six months later, each member of the team has moved on to a new life. Sara is bored with working in a store in Star City. Ray has found a job, but not many friends, in Silicon Valley. Nate is working alongside Wally West in Central City. The peace is interrupted when Mick Rory calls from Aruba and reports that Julius Caesar has paid him a visit.

When Sara, Nate and Ray turn to Rip to correct the mistake and hopefully reinstate the Legends, he denies them. They find out that the Time Bureau has been training agents in all kinds of departments, such as operating a space ship. Rip tasks his agents to return Caesar from Aruba, but they return with the wrong man and Mick Rory in tow.

The Legends agree that they won’t be able to gain Rip’s permission to get involved and decide to steal the Wave Rider to prove their worth. They collect Jefferson and Martin in Central City, where we learn Martin’s daughter Lily is pregnant, and head to Aruba.

In Aruba, the team is quick to spot Caesar among a throng of frat boys in togas. Sara single-handedly takes him out. Rip grants the legends full immunity if they return Caesar to the Time Bureau immediately, and while Sara is torn, she eventually decides to head to Ancient Rome to deliver the anachronism herself.

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Cisalpine Gaul, 49 B.C.

The team returns Caesar to his own time. Before they can celebrate, Gideon warns them that the future has changed. In this new future, Ceasar will go on to conquer not just Rome, but all of the world. Caesar has gotten his hands on Nate’s history book, and with the additional knowledge of how the future would play out for him, would change it accordingly.

Rip intercepts the Legends before they can regain the book, and sends his agents into the field. One of his agents, Agent Sharpe, is captured by Caesar’s men. The Legends offer to bring her back. They easily take on Caesar’s army, save the woman, and restore the future.

Eventually Rip and his agents leave when they realize that the Legends will continue to travel time, with or without the permission of the Bureau. Everyone decides to stay on board, even Martin, whose only requirement is making it home to the birth of his grandchild. Meanwhile, Nate wonders whether Amaya, who has returned to her home in 1942 to protect it and, as a result, broke his heart, is happy with her decision.

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DC’s Legends returns with a solid premiere episode. The idea that time has been changed completely and irreversibly was an interesting one. I wish they would have developed that concept rather than taken the easy way out. Rip and the Time Bureau are an interesting addition to the time-traveling business, and it remains to be seen whether they are friend or foe. Still, to have Rip fix the colossal mistake the Legends made within the first three minutes of the season was disappointing.

While the notion that all of our heroes have lead mediocre lives is a bit of a stretch (we all know Sara would have rather returned to the League than suffer from the boredom of everyday life), it is still an entertaining thought. It’s always nice to witness the what-if scenario, even if it is a quite sad one, in this case. These people are meant for greatness, and this episode proves it. The team continues to work like a well-oiled machine. It will only be a matter of time until Amaya re-joins the time, I predict.

What the premiere failed to do was set a real course for the season. What comes next for the Legends? What will they do apart from travel through time to fix anachronisms (which is eerily similar to the arc explored in season two …)? We wouldn’t know just from watching this episode.

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Favorite Lines

Ray: Lady, why are you so mean?
Sara: Maybe it’s that poly-blend pantsuit that’s got her so grumpy.
Nate: I didn’t know Men’s Warehouse gave group discounts.
Agent Sharp: What’s wrong with you people? Do you want to get shot?
Nate: Totally rather get shot than look like a Sears model.

Caesar: It cost me eight years and countless centurions to conquer Gaul. But with an Amazonian queen like you by my side, I could make short work of the rest of the world.
Sara: Conquering the world does sound nice .. but I don’t need you to do it.

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