Arrow’s Season Six Premiere Depicts The “Fallout” Of The Lian Yu Explosion

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Arrow is back with its sixth season, and we couldn’t be happier. As teased from the start, the premiere episode “Fallout” wouldn’t necessarily pick up right where we left off. It did fill in the blanks through flashbacks of what happened on the island after the explosions went off.

The episode opens the way so many previous episodes have – with the Green Arrow in action. With his team in the form of Diggle, Rene, and Curtis, he stops a missile from destroying the city and delivers the man behind it to the police. It’s a normal day in Star City.

Once the team returns back to the lair, they are greeted by Felicity and lots of Big Belly Burgers. The men leave Oliver and Felicity behind to discuss their remaining evening activities. Oliver asks her to join him and William for dinner, but she declines, stating it would be too confusing for the boy who is just getting used to living with his father. Once Oliver returns home, he is greeted by Raisa, who is caring for William throughout the day and the boy himself, who says a quick and curt goodnight.

At the precinct, Dinah is interrogating Alex Faust, the man they arrested earlier. She goes to find Quentin after the man didn’t show for his appointment. Black Siren, meanwhile, attacks the police station to free her henchman.

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The team follows Laurel. With the help of Quentin, they try to intercept her and her army. Things don’t go as planned and Rene gets injured in the fight. When Dinah and John follow a lead to a warehouse that Black Siren used, they learn that the plan to attack the police academy graduation ceremony at city hall.

Quentin comes clean about the events on the island and says that he and Dinah did not find Black Siren dead, but he was the one who shot her to protect Dinah. The team sets out to cover city hall with John staying behind in the lair, but it’s a trap and Black Siren and her mercenaries attack the lair. Team Arrow jumps into action quickly and no one is harmed. A prototype of one of Curtis’ T-spheres has been stolen though.

After the events of the day Dinah confronts John about his reluctance to use his gun. She said she saw his hand shaking during a shot he missed earlier, but he doesn’t answer.

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Oliver surprises the recovering Rene at the hospital and tells him he organized another court hearing to win custody of his daughter. At the hospital, Oliver visits another person – Thea. After Lian Yu went up in flames Thea has been put in a coma, and her condition has yet to improve.

Slade enters Thea’s room and tells Oliver that his lead worked, and he has found his son Joe. Slade is ready to look for his son and says his goodbyes, but not before leaving Oliver with some valuable parenting advice.

The relationship between father and son is strained, because William blames Oliver for his mother’s death. Despite Oliver’s advances, William is reluctant to trust him. Oliver is able to get through to his son after telling him that Samantha asked him to take of his son before she died. He will honor that promise.

Immediately after, Oliver gets a call from Felicity, who asks him to turn on the news. They report that the Green Arrow has finally been identified – and they have the photo to prove it.

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“Fallout” does everything a season premiere needs to do. It wrapped up the loose ends the season five finale left behind. We learn that Samantha was the one who died and Thea is left in a coma. John, meanwhile, is feeling the physical, and maybe psychological, toll the events had left on his body.

There is no information (or rather no confirmation) on what happened to the other characters that were left on Lian Yu, such as Nyssa, Talia, or Evelyn.

While the finale shows that the team works better together than ever, a lot of connections are undefined. Oliver and Felicity shared that memorable kiss in the season five finale. It seems that they have yet to take that final step to get their relationship back on track. It will likely take a bit more time due to William’s appearance in Oliver’s life. The boy has to slowly get used to this whole new world he was thrown into, and it seems like a very mature thing for the two of them to take things slow.

The connection between Quentin and Black Siren is an interesting one. While this Laurel is not his daughter, he feels the same emotions, the same kind of longing for a daughter, and feels guilt for hurting her. This dynamic will hopefully be explored more in the future.

In addition to closing the previous chapter, the premiere also set up a whole new one. There are a lot of questions that need to be addressed over the next year. Who is Oliver now that he is a father? How does Felicity fit into his life? How will John’s injury pan out, and will it affect his position on the team? Can Rene win his daughter back, and is he able to care for her? What is Black Siren’s game, and who is the man that saved her from Lian Yu?

Most importantly, “Fallout” left us with a major cliff-hanger that will change everything we thought we knew. Mayor Oliver Queen has been clearly identified as the Green Arrow. Can Oliver and the team turn this around? And if not, will the Green Arrow be celebrated, or will he be hunted?

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Favorite Lines

Black Siren: God you’re such a bitch.
Dinah: Yeah, it takes one to know one, sweetheart.

Oliver: William, I know that the last few months have been difficult for you, and I know that you blame me for part of that. I used to blame my dad for things. He wasn’t perfect, and neither am I. But he loved me. I know how much your mom loved you, she really did. You need to know that the last thing that she asked of me was to take care of you/ Now you don’t have to like me for me to take care of you, because I’m your dad. The way that works is I am gonna be there for you whether you want me to be or not. I am never, ever walking away from you.

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