A New Hero Rises On This Week’s Arrow Episode “Next Of Kin”

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It’s the beginning of a new era as John Diggle takes on the responsibility of donning the hood. Arrow has found a new Green Arrow, and “Next of Kin” marks his first mission. How will Diggle cope under the pressure? Aside from a new hero, an old couple arises, too, and it likely has us squeeing for days.

John Diggle has followed into Oliver Queen’s footsteps and has taken on the identity of the Green Arrow, and is quick to show off his own fighting skills. They are, however, lacking one particular thing – arrows. As predicted, it does not take long for someone to notice, and the someone in question is Special Agent Watson, Oliver’s solid thorn in the side.

She also points out that the mayor himself has never publicly denounced vigilantism in his city, which she believes mocks the abilities of the police force. Quentin can’t help but agree. He advises Oliver to take action. When the council threatens to establish an anti-vigilante bill, Oliver declares that it is a decision the city should make. He opens up a possible anti-vigilante bill up for a general vote.

Curtis and Felicity eventually come up with a new invention that will help Diggle maintain the illusion of the Green Arrow shooting, well, arrows. It’s a personally designed and individualized crossbow. Judging from the first trial session, John has it handled.

Unfortunately that does not throw Agent Watson off her scent, as she reveals a very detailed board of suspects, with Oliver in the middle, but John, Felicity, Curtis, and everyone else in his life surrounding him. No one has ever been this close to revealing his secret.

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Under the new leadership of Diggle, Team Arrow is called for duty when a new evil arrives in Star City in the form of Onyx. The woman targets Kord Industries and their technology, despite having her own interesting array of weaponry.

When the team comes face to face with Onyx, Diggle is forced to make a decision – follow the woman and capture her, or go after a toxic gas. He freezes, which results in a number of civilians getting injured. Eventually, with the help of the rest of the team, Onyx is stopped.

John continues to question not just his ability to fill in for Oliver, but particularly his ability to lead the team. Even after a solid pep talk from Oliver he continues to struggle. Dinah once again confronts Diggle about his injury, which he is still keeping from Oliver. He claims to have it under control.

Only by the end of the episode, we learn that the reason Diggle’s hand is calm and steady is a shady black market drug. Trouble’s on the way, John. Hasn’t he learned from the past five seasons?

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Meanwhile, Oliver tries to help William with a particularly difficult math test. Instead of easing his worries, however, he seems to make them worse by downplaying the importance of academics. He turns to the one person Oliver has a habit of seeking out – Felicity, who herself is busy with trying to find a name for her new start-up with Curtis. Judging by the white board in her living room, Oracle has already been ruled out. Color us disappointed.

In a scene that could have straight come out of fanfiction, Felicity and William bond over complicated formulas and binomials. And be it her impressive tutoring skills or her genuine compassion, the young boy approves of the blonde genius. And how could he not? We have yet to meet a person that is not completely enamoured by Felicity.

After seeing how well William has reacted to having Felicity in his life, Oliver makes the bold move and gifts her with a key to his apartment. While the two of them had decided to take things slow for William’s sake, they throw caution to the wind. Oliver wants to have Felicity in his life and in his son’s life. He doesn’t want to wait for timing to be right, because it will never be. Cue the cries of a million Olicity fans, as the couple embraces with a kiss.

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Favorite Lines:

Oliver: You were the first person who convinced me to look past just the names on my father’s list. You helped me discover that the hood, that persona, he wasn’t a hero. You helped me find one. All of this, the Green Arrow, the idea of it, it exists because you had faith in me. Now you got to have the same kind of faith in yourself. Because if you do, you can be a better leader. You can be a better hero than I ever was.

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