Olivia Colman Will Take Over As Elizabeth II In Netflix’s The Crown

Credit: Rex/Shutterstock

Ever since The Crown first premiered last year on Netflix, we absolutely fell in love with Claire Foy’s portrayal of the British monarch.

But there is always a time to say goodbye and while The Crown hasn’t been canceled (Thank God!), we knew very early on that Claire will not rule over our mortal souls forever. Instead, she will bid the role of Elizabeth II goodbye after season two of the show. While that is sad, it also makes sense. After all, the characters will have aged twenty years since the first episode while the actors have not.

Obviously due to that, there have been many speculations on who could take over and ascend to the throne.

Well until now there were because the speculations are officially over.

The British Daily Mail has revealed that Olivia Colman, best known for her role in The Night Manager, will take on the role of Elizabeth II in season three and four of The Crown.

The casting news couldn’t be more perfect, as Colman is already experienced in playing royalty. Previously, she has played the Queen mother, Queen Elizabeth, in the movie Hyde Park On Hudson and has also played Queen Anne in The Favourite.

I am sure she will be just as perfect as Elizabeth II as Claire has been so far.

Obviously, now that we know who will play the Queen of England, the question arises of to whom will play her husband Prince Philip. After all, Claire Foy isn’t the only one who will be switched out, but so will Matt Smith and the rest of the cast.

Though, I could imagine that we will find out soon now that we finally know who our next Queen is going to be.

Until then, we will, of course, keep you updated on everything important regarding The Crown, which will return for its second season on December 8 on Netflix.

Anna Hattingen