Thor: Ragnarok Gets Hardcore 80s In Specially Cut Trailer From Nerdist

Credit: Marvel Studios

Thor: Ragnarok practically oozes the 1980s from every loving frame of the Taika Waititi film. The director has even ratcheted up the 80s love, citing Flash Gordon as an inspiration and Freddie Mercury as his dream composer.

Well the people over at Nerdist clearly wanted to see how 80s they can go. They put together a specially cut trailer for the upcoming Marvel film. It fits right in with the tone and vibe that we’ve been getting with the trailers and looks at the film.

Even Waititi gave his seal of Twitter approval of the film.

Personally, my favorite moment in the fan made trailer is seeing the Lou Ferrigno Hulk spliced in. Oh God that was such my sick day show as a kid.

Check out the trailer below.

Thor: Ragnarok will hit theatres on November 3rd.

Bec Heim