The Punisher Is ‘Coming For You’ In New Teaser

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If you watched season two of Daredevil on Netflix and are anything like me you undoubtedly fell in love with Frank Castle – also know as the Punisher.

Punisher’s popularity, though already an extremely popular character before entering Marvel’s Netflix universe, grew exponentially with the fantastic portrayal by Jon Bernthal.

This, ultimately, led to Netflix and Marvel giving us what we all so desired – a Punisher television show.

With the first footage airing during SDCC to high praise fans have been on the edge of their seat waiting for more information until its release.

The official synopsis for The Punisher is:

After exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife and children, Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) uncovers a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York’s criminal underworld. Now known throughout the city as The Punisher, he must discover the truth about injustices that affect more than his family alone.

The newest bit of promotional material is a guerrilla attack on a group of soldiers that ends with the eerie message “I’m coming for you.”

Oh boy, oh boy. Can we get this now, please?

While there has been no official announcement about the release date for The Punisher, we are led to believe that we can expect the show to drop on Netflix sometime in November. It makes sense to capitalize on the Thanksgiving binge time much like Jessica Jones did in 2015.

I haven’t been this excited for one of the Marvel Netflix shows since Jessica Jones.

The Punisher looks like it is definitely going to have a different feel to it than the rest of the Marvel shows on Netflix and we are so here for whatever our most problematic fave, Frank Castle, is going to give us.

Keep an eye out on 4YE for when we get an official announcement for the release date.

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