The Mindy Project Final Season Begins

Hulu’s The Mindy Project returned last week for its final season premiere, and it is time to break it all down. Season five ended with Dr. Mindy Lahiri finally married – and to hot nurse Ben, no less. So, then why did she look so pensive and upset in that last scene in the finale? Could that have been the season-ending cliffhanger Mindy fans are used to?

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After watching the season six premiere, the answer to that last question is… yes. After less than a year, Mindy’s marriage is on the rocks, and she cannot quite figure out why. Wedded bliss has not turned out to be all it is cracked up to be. After fantasizing about marriage all her life, why does Mindy’s marriage seem so… perfect yet unfulfilling?

Schulman & Associates

Most of the team at the office appear to be faring better than Mindy. Jeremy and Anna’s relationship is still going strong after eight months together. For as needy as Jeremy is, it looks like Anna’s cold and uninviting personality does the trick. Things are going so well that Jeremy asks Anna to move in with him and his creepy bird, Roger. After a few days, Anna declines and then decides that she wants to see what else is out there.

Colette and Karen are struggling, though, after Colette broke off their engagement at their engagement party late last season. They still work at Schulman and Associates, so things are tense, to say the least. After a while, even Mindy sides with Karen because the way Colette broke up with her was so mean. After Colette complains enough, Jody fires Karen (without consulting Jeremy or Mindy) and the office falls apart. When a few emergencies come up because Karen’s duties are not being fulfilled and at the urging of the doctors, Colette finally extends the olive branch and calls Karen to ask her to come back to work. Luckily, Karen was already in the waiting room, ready to beg for her job back.

Tamra is kicking butt, and has decided to take that next step in life. She enters Later Baby, as a patient. She tells Mindy that she has a lot of love to share and has finally found something she likes more than herself: “The idea of another me.” And so she sets off on the journey to become a “single mother by choice.” Tamra is adamant that Morgan cannot find out she is trying to become a mother, but there’s one little problem… he is teaching the class on how to give yourself hormone injections. Morgan is clearly still hung up on Tamra, and doesn’t know how not to mind his own business, so he decides to help her with the process.

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Mindy & Ben

No matter how hard Ben tries, Mindy cannot seem to commit to making an effort in their marriage. While we all love her, we also know that woman can make up an excuse for anything. That includes going for drinks with Jeremy, reliving her long romantic history with Anna, and going to dinner with Tamra. She gets so distracted, in fact, that she barely notices that Ben has disappeared for days.

Ben retreats to his old place in New Jersey while Mindy comes to the aid of everyone but her husband. She had been getting home so late every night that she did not realize he had replaced his body with pillows. When he confronts her workaholic tendencies and tells her that he would rather spend time with her than his coworkers, Mindy vows to be better and asks him to come home. He agrees, on the condition that they spend time together that night, no matter what… and then she falls asleep at the hospital.

Episode two, aptly titled “A Romantical Decouplement,” begins with Mindy and Ben in couples’ therapy. For all her willingness and understanding in the season premiere, Mindy refuses to recognize that their marriage has any real problems. So, in other words: typical Mindy Lahiri.

How to Romantically Decouple

Jeremy and Anna announce their breakup in a very Paltrow/Martin way, insisting that they will remain close friends. While they are both pretending that the decision was mutual, each seems miserable in their own respect. Jeremy claims he cried so hard his Alexa called the suicide hotline, and Anna is even more mopey than normal.

Anna decides she needs a girls’ night out and recruits Mindy, Tamra, and Beverly for “alcohol drinking and camaraderie in a bar.” As the gals hang out and commiserate, Anna realizes maybe she is still hung up on Jeremy, because she throat punches the first guy who tries to hit on her. This discovery prompts her to pay Jeremy a visit at home. Unfortunately, when she shows up, he has just slept with another woman.

A Real Test

Mindy surveys the office and it is a unanimous decision that she is a bad wife. Oops. Jody even points out that nearly all of her decisions and interactions with Ben are self-serving and inconsiderate. Mindy concedes that Jody may be right, and references her most recent online quiz for which Hogwarts house she belongs to: “I was a Dursley.”

Ben approaches Mindy about an awesome job opportunity for him as a head ER nurse in Philadelphia. Mindy knows that it would be difficult since it is “almost in another state,” but supports him in pursuing a dream job of his. She wants them both to be able to live their dreams and be successful. After all, Danny stifling her career aspirations were the reason that relationship ended.

Morgan does not take kindly to the idea that any job would pass him over to hire Ben. Therefore, he takes matter into his own hands and shows up at the Philadelphia hospital to interview, too. Imagine his melodramatic surprise when there is not actually a job in Philadelphia and he has to be the one to tell Mindy that Ben lied to her.

Ben gets back to the apartment and confesses to Mindy that he lied about the job and wanted to see how they would handle a “real” challenge in their marriage. In his opinion, they epically failed. He tells Mindy that rather than loving him, she loves the idea of being married. Ben pours his heart out to Mindy: “You think I’m a good guy who’s good to your son, and you love my daughter, and you thought… Maybe one day you would grow to love me.” Then, she breaks his heart by saying “Okay,” when he says that he thinks they should get divorced.

And that’s the story of Mindy and Ben. 🙁

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