The First Trailer For Waco Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat

Credit: Paramount Network and Weinstein Television

Paramount Network has released the first trailer for their six part miniseries Waco. The miniseries tells the harrowing true story of a fifty-one day standoff between the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) and the Branch Davidians, a religious cult led by all-around madman David Koresh in Waco Texas.

If you’re unfamiliar with the events of the Waco siege, you can watch Witness To Waco an MSNBC documentary free on Youtube. If documentaries aren’t your thing, here’s a brief summary of how the confrontation started. On February 27th, 1993, the Waco Tribune-Harold published the first in a series of articles about cult leader David Koresh entitled “The Sinful Messiah”, which detailed not only the sexual abuse allegations against Koresh, but the illegal activities of the Branch Davidians who were being monitored by the ATF for stockpiling illegal weapons.

The bloody standoff began the very next day on February 28th, 1993. The ATF, who felt pressured by the article published in the tribune, attempted to execute a search warrant on the Mount Carmel Center (home to Koresh and the Branch Davidian), but the cult was indeed heavily armed. They were also expecting the raid. Controversy surrounding the duration and the events of the siege lingers to this day.

Taylor Kitsch (pictured below), who many will remember from True Detective and Friday Night Lights, will star as the charismatic psychopath David Koresh. I’ve gotta say the resemblance is as striking as it is creepy.

Credit: Paramount Network and Weinstein Television

Michael Shannon, who was recently nominated for an Oscar for his role in Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, will play FBI Negotiator Gary Noesner. Supergirl’s very own Melissa Benoist will play Rachel Koresh, the cult leader’s legal wife.

Benoist shared the promotional photo below on her Instagram.

TVLine reports “Waco, a six-part scripted series, premieres on Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV) in January.”