Taika Waititi On How Thor: Ragnarok Changed After He Was Hired

Credit: Marvel Studios

Thor: Ragnarok is about a month and a half away. We’re super excited to see what kind of space shennigans went on for Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and company while Civil War went on.

With Taika Waititi at the helm of this film, it looks like we can expect a lot of humor, a lot of color, and a lot of fun in the final Thor entry. The question that this poses is just how much control do the directors have for these solo films?

In an interview with Collider, Waititi talked about what went down when he was hired on the project.

“There were already story ideas when I came on board, but a lot of that changed over the first three or four months. Right from the beginning, [Marvel] wanted to lighten [Thor] a little bit and embrace the adventure aspect of it. The last two films, definitely the last film, were a little darker.”

Well it was called The Dark World, but I think we can all agree that it wasn’t Marvel’s best work. Waititi also wanted to put the focus on Thor’s character as well.

“Personally I feel if the movie’s called Thor, then Thor should be the best character. My main focus was making him cool and funny when he needs to be and heroic when he needs to be. If you’ve seen my other films, there’s always a balance between comedy and drama. I think that’s a satisfying story to watch.”

And that’s definitely true. Looking through Waititi’s filmography, he does a lot of great character drama mixed with fantastic comedy. So it will be great to see that balance brought to the film. The director went on to explain his philosophy for storytelling and balancing personal stories in the studio machine.

“I’m trying to unify my type of storytelling with this kind of content. Hopefully it all comes out really nicely in the end. I don’t want to make an episode of some other larger thing. It’s not my job to make sure that that this makes sense three movies down the tracks for one of the other franchises. My job is to make a film that can sit as a standalone piece, that if it’s the only Marvel film you see, it’s a great film with a great story in and of itself.”

Basically, Waititi is saying that he’s not a big picture guy here. Here’s just making sure his piece of the pie will stand out and be something that people will love to watch.

Of course, however, he has nothing but love for those guys whose job is the big picture.

Thor: Ragnarok comes out in Australia on October 24th, in the UK on October 25th, and in the US on November 3rd.

Bec Heim