New Episode Stills For Arrow’s Season Six Premiere “Fallout” Tease A Special Return

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Are we counting the days until everyone’s favorite super hero show is back, and we will finally learn who lives and who dies? It’s 20, for those of you who weren’t. Let’s ring in the final days of Arrow-absence with some new not-so-spoilery pictures for the fall premiere, courtesy of The CW. Shall we begin?

We all remember that in the final moments of Arrow’s fifth season, Lian Yu was blown up and the fate of our favorite characters continues to hang in the balance. The only people whose survival we witnessed were Oliver and William, and while that is a show we would watch, we do not want to miss our other heroes.

Episode 6.01 “Fallout” will deliver all the answers we desire – at least we hope so. In the recently released episode stills, we see that at least two more characters have definitely survived the explosions, and they are about to go head to head. Black Canary Dinah Drake and Earth Two’s Black Siren Laurel Lance are set to meet again, but we doubt it will go over any smoother than the last time. A fight is sure to break out, with Black Siren invading Team Arrow’s headquarters (you can’t really call it a cave anymore), and she brought backup.

Moreover, as Stephen Amell had previously teased, there will be plenty of scenes to come between Oliver and his son William. The sixth season will explore their relationship and how it is changing now that William is aware of his father’s secret identity.

The episode stills for “Fallout” also confirm another blast from the past in the form of Oliver’s trusted housekeeper Raisa, who practically raised him and Thea when they were younger. We see that she is not only a confidante to Oliver, but will likely become an important part of his son’s life as well. History tends to repeat itself after all.

Apart from that there is no confirmation on the survival of any of the other characters. What happens to Felicity, Diggle, or Thea? Guess we will have to wait another three weeks to find out.

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Arrow returns with season six October 12 at 9/8ct on The CW.

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