“May The Divorce Be With You” Tries To Put Some Fun In Mindy’s Life On The Mindy Project

Credit: Hulu

In case you forgot or missed it, last week marked the end the marriage of Mindy and Ben. Mindy feels fine and ready to move on, but we can not say the same for the rest of the office.

Guess Who’s Back

Everyone’s favorite goofball is back! Dr. Peter Prentis is back in New York. Contrary to Mindy’s assumption, he is not back solely to comfort her in her time of need. He and his wife relocated back to NYC. He is here to stay. Literally. He and his wife and kid are staying with Mindy in her apartment.

Despite the fact she isn’t all that sad, Peter decides he wants to cheer Mindy up in the midst of her divorce drama. And…what better way to cheer her up than with a karaoke party?! Hesitant to go, Mindy forces herself out for the night only to find that Peter hasn’t shown, and even Morgan bails halfway through. Peter is working with Anna to take over at the practice. Morgan is trying to reconnect with Tamra. At least Jody, Colette, Beverly, and bizarre Karen are there for her.

With Peter hanging around the office and the city, Anna decides to make her move. With Jeremy deflecting her advances since their breakup, Anna has decided it is time to move on. In her first step, she offers Peter her job at Schulman & Associates. Peter, shocked, asks Jeremy what the hell is wrong with him that he will not take Anna back.

The Big D

In an attempt to make it through her divorce unscathed, Mindy hires her lawyer ex-boyfriend, Cliff. Everyone in the real world knows that divorces are messy, at best. Imagine Mindy’s surprise when she finds out Ben want half of everything she owns (and we assume that includes Later Baby!). If you can’t imagine her surprise, just picture Mindy lying on a floor looking dead, because that’s exactly what she did.

Later into the karaoke party, Anna comes to find Mindy after Peter’s wife punched her in the face for trying to make a move on Peter. When Anna confesses that she is planning to leave the practice and have Peter take over, Mindy refuses to let her go. They are two boss babes succeeding without men by their side! They need to stick together and support each other.

Anna is touched by Mindy’s words and offers her a piece of advice when it comes to Ben and the half-sies situation: talk to him. Mindy wants to take the word of her lawyer, but Anna reminds her that lawyers just looove billable hours. So, off to see Ben she goes. Inspired by Mindy, Anna decides she needs to make a grand gesture.

If you’re wondering, she does so by singing to Jeremy the most classic of love songs: “Turn Back Time” by Cher.

Credit: Hulu

When Mindy gets to Ben’s office, she finds his adorable daughter, Lindsay, in the waiting room. It was nice to see the two gals tie up some loose ends, since they were very close at one point. Lindsay asks Mindy about the money, claiming she had overheard her dad on the phone with a lawyer, but Mindy tells her not to worry about it. It if means keeping Lindsay safe and happy, “it’s money well spent.” When Mindy offers that the two could still hang out, Lindsay declines, but promises not to un-follow her on Twitter.

The next day, Mindy’s visit to Cliff’s office goes better than she expected when she finds out that Ben backed down at Lindsay’s urging. Cliff remarks that even he doesn’t go after the kids. All’s well that is ready to end well when it comes to Mindy and Ben’s divorce, I guess.

Now, what was that last thing Cliff said? Oh, yeah… “I just wish Danny’s divorce was going as easily as yours.”


It looks like season six is about to be on par with season four, if the look on Mindy’s face after she found out about Danny’s divorce is any indication. Fingers crossed that this doesn’t happen, Danny doesn’t come back, and Mindy maintains her independence. A girl can dream!

Abby Bertrand