LFF 2017: Lola Kirke Rushes To Clear Her Name In Pulse Pounding Gemini

Credit: Park Circus Limited

Who wouldn’t want to be the personal assistant of a celebrity? I’m sure quite a few people would take the opportunity right away and Jill (Lola Kirke) did.

In Gemini, we follow Jill’s story, PA and best friend to movie star, Heather (Zoë Kravitz). Besides their working life, they also spend their nights partying together like best friends do. Everything seems pretty normal for the two women, but all of the sudden Jill finds Heather dead in her house. The murder weapon is Jill’s gun. She quickly becomes the prime suspect in the investigation.

Jill embarks on a journey to find out who killed her best friend, while detective Edward Ahn (John Cho), who leads the investigation, is on her trail.

What might sound like every other crime thriller, it really isn’t. Gemini was a very intriguing movie.

From the beginning, it was quite clear that Jill didn’t kill her best friend (spoilers). She acted very suspicious, however, while she tried to convince the police that it wasn’t her, which was admittedly a bit annoying. Lola Kirke (Mozart in the Jungle) did a great job portraying the grief of her character, as well as showing her determination and even the uncertainty at some points during the movie. It was a very solid performance by the actress. It was one that made the movie worth a watch.

While Zoë Kravitz (Big Little Lies) was only in the movie for a short period of time, she also delivered. Her character underwent a real struggle in her life. Even though her life seemed perfect, it wasn’t. Kravitz’s nuanced performance gave a life to her character’s inner struggle. She could switch from being the funny, well-spirited, and nice actress to being uncertain and afraid within a moment. You could relate to her character a lot without even being a Hollywood actor. It was somewhat refreshing to see that even their lives aren’t perfect.

John Cho, similar to Kravitz (Star Trek), wasn’t in the movie the majority of the time, but his performance was one to remember. He’s playing the detective who just wants the truth to come out. Despite all of the evidence points to Jill, it is quite clear that he doesn’t believe it was her either. Cho portrayed it very well, though it was just subtle, you still noticed his doubt about Jill being the murderer.

Gemini was a real gem of a crime thriller. Even though it was only around 90 minutes long, it was the perfect length. Of course, they could have gone into more detail, but I think that would have just dragged the movie on and on. In this case, it really was good to keep it short, which kept the audience engaged with the storyline the whole time.

I can definitely recommend the movie and if you’re in London during the Film Festival, you shouldn’t miss it. For more information visit the official BFI website.

Anna Hattingen

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Anna Hattingen