It’s Time To Add Some “Razzle Dazzle” For The War Effort In Voltron Season 4 Trailer

Credit: Giphy

Voltron: Legendary Defender will return to our various screens soon. Hopefully, we will get some of the many answers left to us in season three.

Chief amongst them: IS SHIRO (Josh Keaton) A CLONE?!

The answer evades us in the season four trailer, but we do see the team ramp it up for the war effort. Or, as everyone’s fave Lance (Jeremy Shada) puts it, it’s time for the old “razzle dazzle” complete with jazz hands.

The exclusive teaser released to Entertainment Weekly puts focus on the growing Voltron Coalition by hosting events and saving planets in order to bloster the war effort. It’s a smart strategy because Voltron is definitely going to need any and all help against the Garlean Empire.

But those events certainly look epic. Check out the trailer below.

In a following interview with showrunners, Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery talked about the importance of these events and the growing alliance.

As Dos Santos puts it, this gathering coalition is a natural evolution for the show.

“I think it’s a bit of an evolution overall for the series. While at the beginning, it was literally just the five paladins and Allura and Coran soloing this entire thing, we’ve been building outwards. Now, it’s growing and it’s kind of getting to this fever pitch. This whole time Lotor is forwarding his plans. So, we’re sort of seeing the next evolution of the series where the legend of Voltron has gone out into the universe now and it’s amassing an army, a coalition against Lotor.”

Using the events, according to Montgomery, will really make Voltron feel like a defender of the Universe.

“Something that we wanted to do from day one was make Voltron truly the Defender of the Universe and to have this huge world of aliens built out in space. In the first couple seasons, we were focusing so much on our paladins that we just got to see little glimpses of the rest of the world, or the rest of space, the universe. Now we really get to see a lot more of that. It’s been really fun to handle in the show.”

The pair remained frustratingly tight-lipped about what’s going on with Shiro. They did, however, talk about how Shiro is handling being on the sidelines versus in the action.

Montgomery said, “I think he’s working through it. I think it’s a different dynamic for him, but being ever the team player that he is, I think he kind of understands that this is how things are for him now and that he’s going to have to adapt, and then we’ll just see how well that sticks.”

Ahhhhhh I wanna see noooow.

Bec Heim