Hocus Pocus Is Getting A Remake, Not A Sequel

Credit: Disney

Hocus Pocus has long been a staple of Halloween ever since its release in 1993.

It has raised children on the tale of the Sanderson sisters, who would eat the youth of children to restore their own, and one crazy Halloween night when they were resurrected. While it wasn’t a box office success, the film has drawn a large cult following.

What happens when a piece of media has a large cult following today? Usually there’s a Kickstarter involved for a sequel of the thing. Of course, star Bette Milder who played Winnie Sanderson pretty much crushed any and all dreams of a sequel a couple years ago.

So anything is better than nothing right?


According to Deadline, Disney Channel announced that we won’t be getting that sequel. Instead, we’ll be getting a remake.

Maybe this “new iteration”, as described by the Disney Channel, will include some surprise visits from old friends? Please?

Currently, the film is in early stages of development. Right now, all we know is that it will be written by Scarlett Lacey (The Royals) and produced by David Krichner, who also produced the original film. Kenny Ortega, who directed the original and Disney Channel mainstay High School Musical, will not be involved in the remake.

This remake of Hocus Pocus doesn’t have a cast or a premiere date. Expect to see it on the Disney Channel.

Bec Heim