First Trailer For Benedict Cumberbatch’s The Current War Has Been Released

Credit: The Weinstein Company

Benedict Cumberbatch is probably the British actor at the moment and one you just cannot avoid! He is also probably one of the busiest people in the business currently. He has so many movies in the making that we have problems counting them. The fact that he even has time to sleep is surprising already.

One of the movies that will premiere shortly is The Current War.

From what we’ve heard, it is quite anticipated too. With this brand new trailer, it definitely looks like it’s going to be a box office champion – and not just because of Cumberbatch!

The Current War depicts the famous rivalry between Thomas Edison (Cumberbatch) and George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) of 1879.

Both fought to bring their electrical system to the very top and power the modern world.

While Thomas Edison and his team are quite confident that Edison’s direct current is the way to go, Westinghouse does not share his opinion. Westinghouse gets help from Nikola Tesla (Nicholas Hoult). Together, they place all their bets on the more risky and dangerous alternating current.

In the trailer, we can already see a confident Edison, who tests his new electrical system and his vision for the future: lighting up the modern world. We can also already see a Westinghouse, who is more than doubtful. Their rivalry quickly picks up in pace as the trailer progresses.

The performances of Cumberbatch and Shannon, in particular, are something that immediately catches your eye. You cannot be anything but excited to watch the movie after watching the trailer for it.

It looks exciting and full of drama. I’m sure everyone’s performance will just blow our minds! At the same time, we are also learning something about the history of our electrical system. There’s another reason for you to watch The Current War.

Supporting Cumberbatch, Hoult and Shannon are going to be Tom Holland as Samuel Insull, Katherine Waterston as Marguerite Westinghouse and Tuppence Middleton as Mary Edison.

The Current War will premiere this Sunday (September 10th) at the Toronto Film Festival. Its worldwide release will be November 24th.

Anna Hattingen