Chris Pratt Doesn’t Get Chris Pratt In A ‘Which Chris Are You?’ Quiz

Credit: Stuart Wilson/WireImage

There have been many, many jokes about the number of actors named ‘Chris’ in Hollywood. Theres jokes range from well everything, up to and including how many of them are in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(And they would have had a straight Chris flush too. Except Chris Pine went on to play Steve Trevor.)

It’s an easy joke to make. Fans have made it. Actors have made it. Late night talk shows have made it. It even has a musical number courtesy of Pine’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. Since the song is so good, however, you can watch it below.

Well apparently even Chrises get mistaken as each other as well. Not just by people who are vaguely aware of such important matters of Chris, but even by internet quizzes.

Agh the greatest betrayal. When the internet quiz tells you you’re the wrong person.

Well this “Which Chris Are You?” quiz told Chris Pratt that he was Chris Evans.

It started with this tweet from Chris Pratt.

Of course, Evans could not let this bit of news pass by without comment.

We’ll see the two Chrises along with a third Chris (Hemsworth) come May 4th when Avengers: Infinity War hits theatres.

Bec Heim