Chris Hemsworth Convinced Marvel To Shoot Thor: Ragnarok In Australia

Credit: Marvel Studios

Chris Hemsworth is probably one of the busiest actors in Hollywood at the moment.

In between his stints as Thor: God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hemsworth has a bevy of other film productions to handle as well. Naturally, these films take him away from his home in Australia to shoot. Which probably is the best thing ever for the father of three and devoted husband.

Well that’s part of the reason why Hemsworth convinced Marvel Studios to shoot Thor: Ragnarok. In a recent statement, Hemsworth talked about having the production close to home.

“To me, to be home again for more than two weeks would be fantastic. And it worked out. It was so good.”

Because of this, Hemsworth thought that it was one of the best shoots he’s ever been apart of.

“There’s just such a familiarity with the crew and everything here. And I get to sleep in my own bed. But I also think there’s such wonderful talent here as well, in the cast and crew across the board. So it was fantastic. And the weather was brilliant. I don’t think we got rained out at all. It’s just been one of the best shoots I’ve been part of.”

My heart literally swelled like three sizes reading that. It’s good to hear that Hemsworth had such a good experience during the filming and was able to spend time with his family as well. Plus hell yeah, Australia does have some amazing talent. It makes perfect sense that it gets represented.

And the response from the Australians at having a Marvel production in town? Well it was pretty insane to say the least.

“I’d never seen that many people excited for a film crew. There were more people there than any premiere I’ve been to, and more excitement and buzz than any premiere event I’ve been to. The people of Brisbane were thrilled and packed in the streets to catch a look. The city sort of stopped for those couple of days. It was such a positive buzz, and we were all trying to get out there and sign autographs in between takes as much as we could. That was pretty special. It was great.”

Awww Hemsworth, you sweet ball of sunshine. Just melt our hearts further why don’t you?

Thor: Ragnarok hits Australia and the UK in late actor and in the US in November.

Bec Heim