Amazon Cancels Z:The Beginning of Everything

Credit: Amazon

There is nothing better than discovering a new show that kept you glued to your screen and finding out that it had been renewed for a second (or third) season. On the reverse, however, there is nothing worse than discovering a show that made you binge all of its episodes just to find out that it had been cancelled.


The worst though is when a show got renewed for another season and then the production company had a change of heart and cancels it.

This is exactly what has just happened to Christina Ricci’s Z: The Beginning of Everything, as The Hollywood Reporter revealed exclusively.

The news truly comes as a shock, as the Amazon original had been renewed months ago and a writers room for season two already had been opened and was busy preparing scripts for the upcoming season. According to sources, the pre-production alone had costs of up to $7million for the next season.

So, what caused the sudden change of mind for Amazon?

Apparently, the streaming side wants to reduce its spending on originals that head into 2018.

While that makes sense, it is a little odd that they would already spend so much on pre-production and then cancel it anyway. There are surely better ways to save money.

The fact that the show got renewed in the first place, however, was quite the surprise too, due to the show’s weak 61 score on Metacritic. Amazon explained the renewal, saying that they had heard a good pitch for the second season and renewed it based on that.

Z: The Beginning of Everything followed the life of Zelda Fitzgerald in her marriage to the famous author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Their life was quite glamorous at first and they were one of the couples of their time. Looking behind the façade, however, revealed that not everything was as glamorous as it appeared and in season one that was already noticeable.

It really had potential to become a good show and I’m sure fans will be devastated by the news.

Anna Hattingen