4 Your Consideration: Seven Movies We Are Looking Forward To At The London Film Festival 2017

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The London Film Festival 2017 is nearly upon us and with more than 200 movies that we can go and watch over the span of two weeks, the decision which movies to watch is not going to be easy. Thankfully, the BFI has already announced its line up and we took a closer look at it. It took us a while until we could finally decide, which movies we will definitely go and watch at the film festival. Now we proudly present to you the seven movies we are looking forward to the most:

Breathe tells the incredible true story of Robin and Diana Cavendish (Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy), whose life got turned upside down soon after they got married. They moved to Nairobi, where Robin gets diagnosed with polio and according to the doctors only has a few weeks to live. Diana, however, is determined that her husband’s life shouldn’t be restricted by the illness and breaks him out of the hospital. She gets help from her twin brothers (both played by Tom Hollander) and friend Teddy (Hugh Bonneville), an Oxford professor who invents a wheelchair with a respirator attached.

Just by watching the trailer, you already know that you cannot pass up the opportunity to watch Breathe. It is an incredible story of a couple that even though their life gets turned upside down, still find the beauty in it and make it worthwhile. Besides the storyline, there are also Claire Foy’s and Andrew Garfield’s performances that make the movie so appealing and we cannot wait to see more of that in the movie.

Downsizing is set in the future in which Norwegian scientist found a way to shrink people to pocket-size in order to limit humanity’s footprint and save the world. Five years later, a thriving parallel ‘small’ economy has evolved, complete with lifestyle choices and luxury miniature communities. Paul Safranek (Matt Damon) wants to scale-up his options by sizing-down, but things begin to go awry when wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig) gets cold feet.

While the short teaser trailer does not give away too much, the cast is already impressive enough to make you want to watch that movie. The topic of the movie is another reason why we want to watch the movie, as it is something we can see happening in the near future.

Battle of the Sexes
Male chauvinist pig versus hairy legged feminist.”’ That describes the legendary tennis match between Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) in 1973 best.

After being rejected by the US Tennis Association to which Billie Jean appealed for gender equality in the sports, she teams up with Gladys Heldman (Sarah Silverman), who founded the World Tennis magazine, to lobby against the Association. Eventually, Bobby Riggs approaches her with an idea she cannot resist: The Battle of the Sexes.

It is quite clear why this movie is a must-see of the year. The tennis match between Riggs and King is definitely a highlight of the movie, but King’s inner conflict should persuade you to watch it as well. Carell’s and Stone’s performances also suggest a prosperous award season for the two actors, which is already obvious in the trailer.

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool
In 1981, former Hollywood star Gloria Grahame (Annette Bening) is starring in a modest theater production when she suddenly collapses in a Lancaster hotel, as her health starts to fail her. She reaches out to her former Scouse lover and actor Peter Turner (Jamie Bell), who takes her to his family home where his sympathetic mother (Julie Walters) takes care of her, while memories of their grand affair soon come flooding back.

This unlike couple whose story is depicted in the movie, looks like a cute everyday love story, if the age difference wouldn’t be so big. In the trailer, we already see scenes from their time together and even though they are not together anymore in 1981, you want them to be together the whole time. It looks like a cute movie that also doesn’t shy away from addressing more serious problems like Grahame’s health issues. I’m sure it makes up for a perfect movie when it’s cold and rainy outside and you just want to bundle up in bed or on the couch. It’s definitely a must see if you love a good romance!

Mindhunter is set in the politically unstable late 1970’s. A time that can produce a lot of trouble, which also leads a new type of killer to emerge, whose motives are ambiguous. FBI Agent Ford Holden (Jonathan Groff) is determined to find a new approach to deal with the new challenges and his search is leading him to Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), a skeptical agent of the Behavioral Science Unit. Together they tour to regional police stations, trying to get them to apply their new approaches, as theirs are outdated. Their cross-country tour soon gives them a glimpse into the depths of the violent and sexually depraved crime that cops are ill-equipped to deal with. A new method is called for, but it will bring them unsettlingly close to murderous minds.

After Gone Girl, this new David Fincher movie will be a must see for everyone who loves a good brain twister, which I am sure Mindhunter will be. The trailer for this new Netflix production already keeps you on the edge of your seat and it is quite obvious why we have to watch Mindhunter. Plus, it has Jonathan Groff in it, so there’s another reason for you.

Ingrid goes West
Ingrid’s life took a dramatic turn after her mother died and after a crazed retribution at a wedding, which leads her to a time out on a psychiatric ward. With her inheritance in her bank account, she decides to move West and settles in Los Angeles, where she tries to find Taylor Sloane, a social media celebrity. Taylor couldn’t be more different than Ingrid and despite their differences, Ingrid tries to integrate herself into Taylor’s life and become more like her, which isn’t easy as any minute her past can be revealed.

It’s Aubrey Plaza in a delightful yet little creepy comedy. That should be enough reason for you to watch it. If not, then you’ll also have Elizabeth Olsen and teamed up they’ll make up for an amazing comedy.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Steven (Colin Farrell) and Anna (Nicole Kidman) lead the perfect life. They have a harmonious marriage with two children – Kim (Raffey Cassidy) and Bob (Sunny Suljic) – and two successful careers. What Anna doesn’t know is that Steven has formed an unconventional friendship with teenager Martin (Barry Keoghan), who does not have a father and whom Steven supports financially and in addition, he also brings him gifts. When he finally introduces Martin to his family, the teenager’s intentions come to light.

While the trailer starts out with a seemingly innocent scene, it soon turns to a darker side and mysterious things seem to happen to the family. The Killing of a Sacred Deer ought to make you question everything you’ve believed before and it looks like it’s going to blow your mind. The trailer looks so creepy and I’ve never heard a creepier version of the song Raffey Cassidy sings that I had no doubt that I will have to watch the movie.

Last Flag Flying
Larry ‘Doc’ Shepherd (Steve Carell) is determined to get his old Vietnam gang back together. After convincing Sal (Bryan Cranston) to come with him, they soon track down Mueller (Laurence Fishburne) who has become a preacher after the war. The reason for Doc’s want to reunite the group is soon revealed when he admits to his friends that he needs help to bury his son, who has served in Iraq and died there.

While this a serious topic, the movie does not fail to make you laugh as well, which is a must given the cast. It is a mix of laughter and tears and I’m sure it will touch a lot of people’s hearts.

Obviously, these are just seven movies of more than 200 options you can choose from. There are many great movies to watch at this year’s London Film Festival, so it is definitely worth a visit to the British capital.

Tell us in the comments below which movies you’re looking forward to most this year!

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