Wynonna Earp Recap: “I Hope You Dance” Ends The Season Strong

Credit: Syfy

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Bobo teamed up with the Widows and broke the seal, freeing the demon Clootie and Wynonna went into labor.

Bobo and the Widows are walking to Clootie’s tomb when they’re stopped by a shotgun-wielding Waverly. They trade insults and Bobo disarms her before Wynonna shows up. She tries to shoot Bobo, but the shot is blocked. Bobo throws a rock at the Earp sisters and they dive out of the way.

Wynonna is lying on the ground. Waverly rushes over to check on her to confirm she and the baby are okay. Waverly asks if there’s any chance she’s forgotten what she did and then tells her about blowing up the barn. The two hug. Wynonna tells Waverly that Bobo was resurrected because she kind of died after her trip to the past, but she’s still the heir.

The gang goes to the Homestead. Wynonna tells everyone that the third seal was broken. She shows them that, when put together, Peacemaker and the plate recognize each other and both glow with orange runes. Wynonna tells Jeremy to find out where Clootie’s tomb is, sends Dolls after Doc, and goes to deal with the plate herself. Waverly goes with her, because she’s not leaving her side with the baby coming.

Bobo takes the Widows to the mine where he put Clootie. Bobo pulls the coffin out of a pile of rocks, and Clootie’s arm is sticking out of it. NotBeth kneels and holds Clootie’s hand. He tells them to feed him Wynonna’s baby. NotBeth is all ready to start serving her husband, but NotMercedes decides she’s done. NotMercedes chops off Clootie’s arm, takes his ring, and leaves, causing a cave in on her way out. Once outside, she puts the ring on and goes from NotMercedes the Black to NotMercedes the White.

Credit: Syfy

Wynonna and Waverly pay Greta a visit to ask/threaten her to help them. Greta doesn’t understand what she can do and they show her the plate. Greta explains legend says it’s a shield. Wynonna tells her they need a missile.

Dolls finds Doc at the well, looking a bit distressed. Dolls tells him everything is back to normal. Doc says he feels his mortality. Dolls admits the seal was broken, but not by Wynonna who needs their help.

Back at Greta’s, Wynonna and Waverly talk about Waverly screwing them all over and the DNA test. Greta says the plate and Peacemaker have traces of ammolite and were made from the same metal. She creates a bullet out of the plate and Wynonna decides she’s going to use it on Clootie.

At HQ, Jeremy figures out where Clootie’s coffin is just in time for NotMercedes to break in. She hits him and Nicole with her vapor.

Waverly calls Doc because the baby’s coming. Dolls takes Doc’s car to go get the doctor while Doc runs to the Homestead.

Waverly speeds through town to get Wynonna to the Homestead, but is stopped by NotMercedes. She stands in the middle of the road surrounded by fallen townspeople, including Nicole and Jeremy. NotMercedes is there for Wynonna, who threatens to shoot her with the special bullet. NotBeth shows up and grabs Waverly in a headlock. NotMercedes offers to team up with Wynonna and defeat Bulshar (Clootie’s real name) together. Doc arrives just in time to hear the Widows threaten the baby and draws his gun. Doc points his gun at Wynonna and threatens to kill her to prevent the Widows getting what they want. The two square off. She tells him to aim high to save the baby and that she’ll see him on the other side. Wynonna raises Peacemaker (which glows), and she and Doc both fire. DOC’S BULLET SPLITS WYNONNA’S, AND EACH HALF HITS A WIDOW IN THE HEAD WHILE DOC’S BULLET FLIES PAST WYNONNA’S HEAD.

Credit: Syfy

The gang all hugs it out, with Waverly getting VERY angry at Doc and Wynonna for their stunt. Doc and Jeremy take Wynonna into Shorty’s while Waverly and Nicole talk outside. Waverly asks Nicole what Wynonna asked her to do, and Nicole tells her “the only thing she could,” and leaves. Waverly goes into Shorty’s. Doc and Jeremy leave to find Bulshar’s coffin, leaving Wynonna with Rosita and Waverly.

They get Wynonna on the pool table and get ready for the delivery. Waverly reveals that Nicole told her about Wynonna’s plan to give up the baby. She is hurt Wynonna didn’t ask for her help. Wynonna explains that she wanted to delay breaking Waverly’s heart as long as possible. Wynonna reminds her that they don’t know if Waverly can leave the Triangle. As they are talking, ROSITA RUDELY INTERRUPTS BY ATTACKING WAVERLY. Rosita was tired of Wynonna’s judgment and threat. The baby is a good bargaining chip to guarantee her safety.

At the mine, Bobo is at the entrance when Doc walks up. Bobo tells Doc that he promised Waverly to Bulshar. Jeremy shows up and pulls his gun on Bobo, which causes Doc to react and throw his knife at Bobo. Bobo uses his telekinesis to send the knife back at Doc, stabbing Doc in the hand.

At Shorty’s, Rosita and Wynonna talk about Doc and Rosita’s betrayal. Wynonna swears she’ll never stop hunting Rosita and asks her to let Waverly go. Waverly says, “I’m not going anywhere,” aiming Peacemaker at Rosita, but it doesn’t work when she shoots. Wynonna insists that Waverly is an Earp. She is as much a part of her as the baby and tries holding Rosita for Waverly to shoot. Rosita frees herself and punches Wynonna, who asks Peacemaker for help. Rosita grabs a bottle, and Wynonna yells out for Peacemaker. The gun glows blue and fires. The bullet grazes Rosita’s temple, and she runs. Waverly starts to go after Rosita but stops when Peacemaker burns her. Wynonna tells Waverly the baby is coming.

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Out at the “Welcome to Purgatory” sign, Dolls is stopped by The Order. Ewan tells him they want to train Baby Earp to be a demon fighting machine. Dolls doesn’t like the idea. He goes all dragony and BBQs the Order.

At the mine, Bobo threatens Jeremy. He tries to take his gun, but can’t because it’s plastic. Jeremy shoots him. Doc removes the knife from his hand and goes after Bobo and impales him on some spikes.

At Shorty’s, Wynonna holds the baby in her arms, not ready to give up “the coolest thing she’s ever done”. She promises that the baby will have a better life. Waverly takes the baby. Wynonna asks her to make sure Doc gets a moment with the baby.

Credit: Syfy

Nicole and Waverly drive out to the edge of the Triangle. Waverly tells Nicole if the baby starts screaming or Waverly starts to burn, to get them back over the line fast. Nicole promises. She watches Waverly and the baby cross the line. Nothing happens, and Nicole rushes over to them. The baby is Doc’s.  Waverly is not Bobo’s daughter. The couple shares a moment and go back to the patrol car.

At Shorty’s, Revenants break into the bar. Wynonna is sitting in a chair with a bundle of blankets. She stands up with Peacemaker and starts shooting. Dolls arrives and they take down the Revenants.

At the mine, Jeremy gets a feeling and tells Doc he has to go meet the baby. He gives Doc the GPS coordinates to the rendezvous point and Doc starts running.

Nicole and Waverly get to the rendezvous point right as a helicopter is coming in. They think it’s Black Badge, but it’s actually Perry with a wet nurse and private security. He reaches for the baby, but Waverly tells him to wait. Doc runs up. She hands Doc the baby and tells him Gus is taking the baby. Doc tells the baby goodbye and hands her off to the wet nurse. He spares one look at the helicopter before leaving.

Credit: Syfy

Outside Shorty’s, Wynonna asks Dolls if he thinks they made it and the helicopter flies overhead.

Later, Doc, who has thrown Bobo in the well, tells him that the baby is safe and that Waverly isn’t Bobo’s daughter. Bobo says he never said she was his daughter, just that she’s kin. Doc reveals to Bobo that he was sent to Helll when Dolls shot him last episode and covers the well with a wooden pallet.

Doc finds Wynonna and they talk about the baby. Doc tells her he would have done everything differently. He reminds Wynonna that Bulshar is still out there. Wynonna resolves to break the curse so their daughter doesn’t have to. Doc asks Wynonna if she named their daughter and she tells him she named her “Alice Michelle,” after their mothers.

A voiceover starts as Wynonna rides out of town on her motorcycle.

We see Jeremy and Waverly laughing outside of Shorty’s together while Nicole watches from her patrol car. Her focus shifts back to the divorce papers in her hand, then to a file labeled “The Cult of Bulshar.” She reads over the file and takes Bulshar’s ring out of her pocket. She looks up at Dolls. THE TWO SHARE A SKETCHY LOOK. Nicole gets out of the car and joins the group.

Wynonna drives her motorcycle up to a nice little scenic spot where there’s a woman waiting. The voiceover ends. Wynonna tells the woman she was right and asks what they’re going to do.  IT’S MAMA EARP!