This Is Us Season 2 Scoop: Casting News, Future Storylines, And Jack’s Fate

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Hey This Is Us fans, have we recovered from that emotional, heart-breaking, tear-jerking first season yet? We surely haven’t, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to jump right into some season two scoop. Ready? Set. Go.

The cast and creators of everyone’s favorite new drama took to the stage at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour this week to tease a bit of what’s to come when This Is Us returns this fall.

Remember Jack and Rebecca’s big fight in the past in the season one finale? We will explore the aftermath of that conflict in the season two premiere. “You’re picking up the story line the morning after Jack has left the house, and what happens next,” says Dan Fogelman. “It’s intense — and it’s all in the first five minutes of the show.”

The pilot episode of This is Us opened with the big three’s 36th birthday, and the season two premiere will continue what could easily become a tradition by depicting their 37th birthday. One tiny, potentially meaningful difference? Kate, Kevin, and Randall won’t be celebrating their birthday together this year, spoils Fogelman.

But what are they up to this year?

Entertainment Weekly has some information of where we will find the kids in season two: “Kevin (Justin Hartley) heads back to L.A. to film a movie, even though he just told his ex-wife, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) that his place was with her in New York; Kate (Chrissy Metz) decides to pursue a singing career and focus on creating a healthy relationship with Toby (Chris Sullivan); Randall (Sterling K. Brown) quits his job and tells Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) that he wants to expand their family via adoption.”

Speaking of Kevin’s new movie in LA, it’s going to be a big one! So big, in fact, that it will star Sylvester Stallone. The Hollywood giant joins This Is Us for one episode only (so far!) as himself, and he will function as a bit of father figure for Kevin. It was truly only a matter of time until This Is Us would pack some big guns.

The one thing the audience was desperate to find out in the first season was the one thing they kept from us – how did Jack die? What was the big three’s role in his death? Particularly Kate seems to continue to struggle with the past events, even throughout adulthood. We will eventually learn everything surrounding Jack’s fate, but it will take some time, says Fogelman.

Earlier this week, he told Entertainment Weekly that “a big piece of the puzzle will be delivered very, very early in the season”, namely the season premiere.

We will continue to make up our own theories about Jack, Rebecca, and the Big Three, whether in the past or present, and discuss them vividly on the internet.

This Is Us returns to NBC with season two September 26.

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