The Return Of Etta Candy: Lucy Davis Is Preparing For Future Returns To The DCEU

Credit: Tumblr

Everyone’s favorite supporting character in Wonder Woman was pretty much Etta Candy (Lucy Davis).

Funny, smart, fierce, and good at her job, Etta was an ordinary woman in a man’s world and making it hers.

(Honestly. I would have loved to see her get into fisticuffs. Etta would kick ass.)

Yesterday, revealed that there was a short entitled “Etta’s Mission” on the Wonder Woman Blu-ray. It definitely looks like DC is going to try to do their own One Shots.

(And if they all feature Etta Candy, then I will not be disappointed.)

Lucy Davis, however, sent out a very interesting tweet in response to the story. It seems like the DCEU is not done with Etta Candy quite yet.

I’m assuming this new short (also known as “Epilogue”) has already been filmed. So Davis is probably not referring to her lines for that.

Could it be that she is getting lines for Wonder Woman 2? (Unlikely.) Or could we be seeing more Etta in Justice League? Reshoots are going on right now. It could be that there could be a flashback scene with Etta.

(Or Etta is immortal and living a life of luxury on Themyscira.)

Either way, I’m really intrigued into what this all means. More Etta Candy can only be a good thing in my opinion.

Wonder Woman‘s Blu-ray will be released on September 19th. You can get the movie digitally on August 29th.

Bec Heim