The Flash Reborn! Grant Gustin On How This Season Is A Tribute To DC’s Rebirth

Credit: The CW

The Flash season four has begun production awhile ago.

So while we’re waiting for October to hit, we want all the hints and clues about season four that we can get. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will return from the Speed Force. He will be battling the “fastest mind alive” with his new arch-nemesis The Thinker (Neil Sandilands).

(And dear God hopefully he and Iris will get married.)

One thing that the show’s creatives have been pushing is that The Flash will ditch the dour tone of season three and make a return to the lighter one that fans love.

If this sounds familiar to DC Comics fans, then that’s pretty much what they did with the Rebirth initiative that started in 2016. Most of the titles ditched the dourness of the unpopular New 52 line and went back to a lighter tone. It’s been hailed as a major success.

So it’s not an unfair comparison to make with this season of The Flash.

In a recent interview with, Gustin made similar comparisons.

“It’s almost like a fresh start for me as an actor this year. The first episode is called ‘Reborn’ and it’s our take on Rebirth, and it gives me an opportunity to let go of all the weight that we’ve built up and have held onto and there’s even some lines that reflect that for Barry, that he’s been able to cope an move on in a way he was never able to in the past. So it gives me an opportunity to let go and have more of that kind of fun that we had initially in season one.”

I’m sure that’s a relief for fans to hear. I know I’m excited to see the show go back to letting heroes be fun.

The Flash returns on October 10th at 8/7c.

Bec Heim