Stephen Amell And David Ramsey Tease New Oliver/Diggle Dynamic In Arrow Season Six

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We are inching closer and closer to the new TV season, and while Comic Con was a much-needed break from the summer hell-atus, we need more. So how about we talk about our favorite bromance on Arrow.

Oliver and Diggle have come far throughout the last five years, from billionaire and bodyguard to confidantes, to friends, to brothers. But their relationship has not always been without its hurdles. We, not so fondly, remember the ramifications of Oliver joining the League as Al Sahim and endangering the lives of Lyla and baby Sara in season three. Apart from this lapse in judgement and many minor incidents, the two have been each other’s saving grace, and true brothers in arms

As expected on long-running television programs, their friendship will continue to develop in the new season. David Ramsey and Stephen Amell talked to ComicBook.Com about what’s next for the two men. Ramsey cryptically said that in season six, Diggle will “lose some things”, which will result in him depending more heavily on Oliver, and in new and yet unexplored ways. “I’m going to need him in a way I don’t think I’ve needed him before”, so Ramsey. “Some of the mentor student aspect of our relationship”.

What could Diggle lose in season six? Is it related to the explosion? As far as we can remember none of Diggle’s family members were on the island, so we believe Lyla and John Jr. will be safe – or at least we hope they are.

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Amell said that they shot a “tremendous scene” just recently.  “It’s a flashback…maybe, but it was nice because it was a little bit inverted to what the normal Oliver Diggle scene is. Like I felt like I was playing Diggle’s role. It was really cool.”

A flashback, likely to the time over the summer, directly after the explosion. An inverted Oliver/Diggle scene makes us think that Diggle could be the one needing advice, and about Oliver being the one who is able to give it. That would mean an incredible character development for Oliver, who has received his fair share of pep talks from Diggle in the past.

Another factor that plays heavily into their new dynamic has to be William, and now that Oliver has to step into his role as a dad, he and Diggle have yet another topic they can brood over – fatherhood, and family life. It will be an interesting addition to the previous aspects of their friendship we have seen over the last five years.

Arrow returns with new episodes this fall on The CW.

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