Serinda Swan Defends Medusa’s Iconic Hair In The Inhumans Trailer

Credit: Marvel Television/ABC Television

The next big thing coming from Marvel Entertainment is, of course, Inhumans. The TV show will premiere in IMAX on September 1st before making its debut on ABC on September 29th. Given the shows premise, one of the most hotly anticipated elements of the show has been its special effects. Starring a giant teleporting dog, a woman who can control the elements, and  a woman with prehensile hair (among others), the quality of effects will really have an impact on the overall quality of the show.

Of those specific elements, the most highly anticipated would have to be the aforementioned hair. Medusa, queen of the Inhumans, is known for her fire-engine-red hair that is quite literally capable of killing you. Unfortunately, early looks at the hair’s special effects have yielded anything but positive reactions.

Credit: Marvel Televison/ABC Television

It’s not horrible, right? Well, for comic book fans, it’s a far cry from what Medusa’s hair is supposed to look like:

Credit: Marvel Comics

Granted, that sort of grandeur is a tall order. Actress Serinda Swan, who will be bringing the Queen of the Inhumans to life onscreen, has also come out in defense of the hair’s special effects, saying, “It’s never been done before. So, there’s going to be issues and there’s going to be issues and there’s going to be trials and tribulations.” In fact, there needed to be specific software designed just to create Medusa’s hair.

But hope is not lost, my friends. The version of Medusa’s hair seen at San Diego Comic Con and in the show’s trailer may not be the final version of it.

According to ABC television president Channing Dungey, “[Medusa’s hair] is still a work in progress… We’re coming down to the wire on some of the special effects.”

Whatever the final product is, we’ll be seeing it soon enough. Inhumans will debut on IMAX screens on September 1st, and will air on ABC beginning September 29th.