Remember, Remember: BBC One Releases First Teaser For Gunpowder

Credit: BBC One

“Remember, remember the fifth of November” is probably one of the most famous sayings of the English language. Yet, not everyone knows the story behind it.

BBC One will change that soon, however, when they release their new three-part thriller Gunpowder.

The series will follow the real-life events of 1605 when Robert Catesby plans to blow up the UK’s parliament and everyone who’s in it.

A release date has not been set yet, however, BBC One has just released the first teaser to get us into the mood for Gunpowder.

In the teaser, we hear Kit Harington’s voice, who is playing Robert Catesby, telling us why he is planning the attack on the Parliament.

We can also see a line of gunpowder in a cellar leading up to Guy Fawkes, played by Downton Abbey’s Tom Cullen, who is leaving the trail behind while Catesby is telling his short story. The final plan is also revealed, as Guy Fawkes will “light the fuse” and Robert Catesby will “blow the king and all his men to hell.”

The teaser is not the only thing we’ve got to see from the new thriller. DigitalSpy has also reported that the first images of the three-part series have been released as well and we get a closer look on the conspirators and those who are trying to stop the plan.

We’ll get to see Jon Snow actor Kit Harington with a dirty face – probably after he left the trail of gunpowder – and with a worried expression on his face (see above).

Another one shows Liv Tyler as Anne Vaux, Catesby’s cousin, not looking very amused. Anne Vaux is also the only one who is worried about his plan, which might explain the stoic expression.

Credit: BBC One

The last one shows her together with Kit Harington and the both characters look like as if they had been arguing, which wouldn’t be surprising given their different points of view on the matter.

Credit: BBC One

Gunpowder will premiere later this year on BBC One and until then, we will keep you updated about the new drama.

Anna Hattingen