Put Your Paws Up, Little Monsters, Lady Gaga Is Working On A New Album

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Love her, hate her or completely indifferent, one thing almost everyone can agree on is that Lady Gaga is not someone who rests on her laurels. She is one focused, go-getting, ambitious young lady who always has her eye on her next goal or creative endeavour and that continues today. Although she has only recently embarked on her fifth headlining concert tour with the Joanne World Tour, she’s already started work on her next album; news that fans of the Mother Monster eagerly welcome.

Speaking recently to EW, Gaga revealed that she’s “started writing” on the next LP. Although the next album is still in the early stages of conception, she hasn’t ruled out that the album may be released before another Joanne single. To date only two singles from the album have been released – “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons” – though fans have been actively campaigning for “Dancin’ In Circles” to also be released. In response Gaga skirted the question only saying, “I have a lot of ideas and a lot of things I want to create, so you’ll see in a bit. I need some time to create.”

While it’s not unusual for Gaga to preview new music at her gigs (such as “Princess Die” and “Living on the Radio”), the intricacies of the Joanne tour means that there is little room for improvisation and setlist changes each night. The show, which includes multiple stages, heavy strobe effects, pyrotechnics, and mobile rigs that double as projections screens, ascending and descending during the performance to bridge the gap between each platform is “extremely complex and complicated.”

“The stage is coded with a computer,” describes Gaga. “It’s intense and the cues all have to be met at a particular time. It’s high stress and tense backstage to make sure everything happens at the exact moment it’s supposed to. So, the setlist might change a little bit, but mostly you’re coming to see a piece that we’ve created for you. It’s two hours and fifteen minutes we’ve thought about very closely. It’s from our heart, and it’s from a band, dancers, artists, and everyone we’ve worked with in the 10 years we have behind us together.”

Though she does add, “That’s not to say I won’t do songs here or there that I can call during the show.” So we may still get some surprise new songs thrown into the mix.

There’s no word on just when we will get the next album. However, fans in North America and Europe have the chance to experience Gaga in the flesh as she brings the Joanne World Tour to arenas in both continents currently ending up on December 18 in Inglewood, California. For information on cities and dates, visit Lady Gaga’s tour page. Now I just need some Australian dates announced.

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