Netflix Releases First Trailer And Images Of The Crown Season Two

Credit: Netflix

We are all fascinated by the lives of the British Royal family and we wished we could be part of it.

While that seems like a dream too far-fetched, Netflix provided us with an opportunity to take a closer look at the reign of Britain’s longest serving monarch when The Crown hit the streaming platform in November 2016.

By now we have binged the show a few times and cannot wait to see what is going to happen next. We might consult Wikipedia for that. That’s different than seeing what Claire Foy and Matt Smith will do with what happened and make us feel so many feels.

In order to get us even more hyped for season two, Netflix has finally released a trailer.

We even know when we need to take a few days off of work in order to binge the new season.

From the trailer, it seems like Elizabeth II is going through a rather rough time, as “the rumors still haven’t gone away”, referring to the rumors that Philip has cheated on her.

Although, it does not seem as if the Queen of England is going through a rough time only in her private life. Additionally, the government is also appearing to go through a hard time. While the Empire is starting to fall apart even more, which is implied when a picture of the Queen is taken down.

Margaret, the Queen’s sister, seems to have found a new love. From history, we know that she did and even gets married to Lord Snowdon, played by Matthew Goode. So at least she seems to get her happy end for now.

Credit: Netflix

In the trailer, we also get a first glimpse of President Kennedy, played by Michael C. Hall and his wife Jackie, played by Jodi Balfour. Surely, this will also bring a bit of excitement to Britain in those rapidly changing times.

The overall first impression of the trailer suggests that season two will be a lot more dramatic. This was also built up in season one and they will probably pick up from there.

In addition to the trailer, The Telegraph exclusively revealed first images of season two. One shows Elizabeth pregnant with Prince Andrew. She is clearly much happier than she seems to be in the trailer.

Credit: Alex Bailey/Netflix

A different picture shows another important milestone in the couple’s life when Elizabeth formally makes Philip a Prince in 1957, from which season two will pick up.

Credit: Robert Viglasky/Netflix

In the interview with the newspaper, Peter Morgan, creator of the show, explains that “We’re confronted with a rapidly changing Britain in this season, moving from the flickering embers of Britain’s dying empire in 1956 – in the aftermath of the disastrous Suez war – through the premiership of a new Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, and culminating in his resignation in late 1963.”

Credit: Netflix

He also adds that “these are vital, fascinating years – a period where Britain rejected a certain type of paternalistic leadership. The changes during these years will make for some uncomfortable adjustments in the years to come for the Royal family.”

Credit: Stuart Hendry/Netflix

I’m sure it will be interesting to see how Elizabeth will deal with the changes and adjustments and especially in addition to all the drama in her private life.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait that much longer to see what exactly will happen. The Crown is set to return on December 8th on Netflix.

Anna Hattingen