NASA Responds To A 9-Year-Old “Guardian Of The Galaxy” In The Most Adorable Way

Credit: Marvel

Sooner or later, Earth is really going to try to push the boundaries of what is possible and reach beyond our solar system.

It will be a lot of hard work, but we truly do need some of our Guardians of the Galaxy in order to make it happen.

Luckily, NASA has just the nine-year-old on call to help out.

Recently, NASA had a job opening for a “Planetary Protection Officer”. The job, actually, sounds pretty boss for those with the relevant degrees to actually get it. Said officer will have to protect Earth from “organic-constituent and biological contamination in human and robotic space exploration.”

So they need someone to protect us from the Xenomorphs and HAL’s of the universe essentially, which fair.

In response to this job posting, fourth grader Jack Davis offered his help with a pretty dope cover letter. For his qualifications, Davis wrote the following.

“I may be nine but I think I would be fit for the job. One of the reasons is my sister says I am an alien. Also, I have seen almost all the space and alien movies I can see. I have also seen the show Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and hope to see the movie Men in Black. I am great at video games. I am young, so I can learn to think like an alien.”

Personally, I think NASA should hire him.

If NASA doesn’t want to hire him, then I think we can find a position here at 4 Your Excitement. All the aliens and Agents of SHIELD a kid can want.

Davis’ letter caught the eye of planetary science director Jim Green, who wrote a response back to Jack. He tells him to stay in school and apply to NASA once he’s had a bit more learning. Green signed off the letter with: “We hope to see you here at NASA one of these days!”

Davis also got a call from NASA’s planetary research director as well. (Maybe he told Jack about the aliens.)

You can see the letters below and read more on NASA’s website.

Bec Heim