Misty Knight Rocks Her Famous Bionic Arm In New Luke Cage Photo

Credit: Marvel Comics

One moment from The Defenders that fans had been (kind of morbidly) waiting for was seeing Misty Knight (Simone Missick) lose her left arm.

In comics, this Daughter of the Dragon loses her arm and gets a bionic upgrade (similar to the arm possessed by the Winter Soldier). At the end of the series, it was teased that we could expect to see her with the arm in the immediate future.

Well now we have our first look at it in this Luke Cage season two photo.

And she looks badass.

Credit: Marvel/Netflix via Entertainment Weekly

Goddamn I don’t think I have seen something cooler in awhile. Misty and Luke Cage (Mike Colter) strollin’ like the own the damn place is glorious.

And I like how real the bionic limb looks as well. The gold accents are a nice nod to her comic book counterpart’s arm.

In the show, she’ll probably get the arm from a specialized hospital that Danny Rand (Finn Jones) recently acquired. In comics, however, Misty lost her arm in a bombing and it was Stark Industries that got her the high tech limb.

Now I’m not saying that it should happen like that in the show, but it would be a nice nod or something.

Luke Cage season two will hit in 2018.

Bec Heim