Make Your Peace: 4YE’s Post Show Chat On Wynonna Earp’s Episode “Gone As A Girl Can Get”

Welcome Earpers! We’ve got a brand new podcast for you that’s fresher than Wynonna’s donuts! Make Your Peace is a weekly podcast covering Syfy darling Wynonna Earp and hosted by Catherine Meushaw and Lara Hayes. So grab your six-shooters and let’s dig into this week’s drama.

This week, we’re talking about season 2, episode 11 “Gone as a Girl Can Get”. Be sure to check out this week’s recap prior to listening to our podcast.

You can listen on Youtube or by using the player below.

What did you all think of this week’s episode? We would love to hear your favorite moments and quotes from the show! Hit the comments below with your thoughts!




  1. Your discussion about Waverly’s parentage gave me an idea. I’ve never really been a fan of the idea of Waverly as half revenant. What if Ward was her dad but her mom was Constance (the Stone Witch)?

    1. Hey Marie!
      That’s a pretty cool idea. We’re short on women who are super powered background characters (widows aside). Constance is definitely a candidate. I wouldn’t have considered her before the Bobo scenes in this episode, because I was leaning toward Ward not being her father. But given what Bobo implied about Waverly perhaps being able to wield Peacemaker when she’s older, Ward is certainly back in the running.
      If your theory proves true, I would be a little disappointed that we didn’t get more time with Constance (I’m a little bummed about that already). But a reveal like that rests on the moment itself, and I trust the show to make it fulfilling.
      Thanks for your awesome comment!

      1. I said this the other day. Ward is her dad clootie is mom, and possibly why Dom keeps calling Waverly a Muggle!

        1. Hey Holly! It’s certainly a theory that is gaining traction in my mind!
          Thanks for listening, and thanks so much for commenting.

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