LFCC 2017: Matt Lucas Talks About How To Talk To Girls At Parties

Credit: StudioCanal

Fresh from his successful run as Nardole in the last season of Doctor Who, British actor and comedian Matt Lucas met with fans at this weekend’s London Film and Comic Con in the UK’s capital. As well as his role in Doctor Who, Lucas is perhaps best known for his partnership with David Walliams in the fantastically funny radio and TV show Little Britain.

One of his next on screen roles will be in the upcoming John Cameron Mitchell directed How to Talk to Girls at Parties, which is an adaptation of the Neil Gaiman short story. Lucas was kind enough to have a quick word with 4 Your Excitement about the movie, and why he was so keen to appear in the project.

Lucas said that he only has a small part in the movie, which tells the story of a Croydon teenager who falls in love with an alien, but he felt incredibly lucky to be a part of the movie. Lucas met Mitchell over a decade ago and said he is very happy to a part of his “great canon of work.”

Speaking about Alex Sharp and Elle Fanning, who play the lead roles of Enn and Zan, Lucas was filled with praise saying that they are both great in the movie, and he called the movie which premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival “a really imaginative take on Neil Gaiman’s story”. He said that the movie is “not like any other film he has seen, it is very much its own thing.”

As we impatiently wait for the release date of the movie which also stars Nicole Kidman, check out the trailer for the movie here, and check back for any further news as we get it.

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