FX CEO Promises A “Different” Deadpool From The Movies

Credit: Giphy

Deadpool 2‘s production is already underway (much to our delight), but there’s another project with Mr. Pool in the works to keep an eye on.

A few months back, it was reported that Deadpool was going to get his own adult animated series at FXX. All that is still known at this time is that Donald and Stephen Glover will helm the project for the network.

Today at the Television Critics Association, FX CEO John Landgraf talked about the tone of the animated project. It will definitely try to set itself a part from the wildly successful Deadpool film.

“It’ll be really different from the movies. It’s animated and they’re live-action, but also it has a different tone and editorial voice as evidenced by Donald and Stephen Glover, who have their own voice and tone. We really wanted to make something that was distinctly different from the movies.”

Now it’s hard to parse what Landgraf means be “different”. Some things about the character will most likely remain true to form such as the fourth wall breaks and the character’s sense of humor. It could certainly easily venture into a darker and more abstract comedy that Glover is known for.

So when will we see what they mean by different?

According to Landgrad, even they don’t know yet.

“We’ve picked it up to series but I can’t tell you when it’s going to be scheduled yet because it’s gotta be great.”

But they are going to be animating soon. Even with Glover on set of the Han Solo movie, he and Stephen had been hard at work.

“They had a staff working in London while Donald was shooting Star Wars. He wrote the second season of Atlanta before London, had a staff in London, he’s coming back to shoot Atlanta season 2 and simultaneously we’ll be animating Deadpool.”

Maybe, at least, we’ll see his Atlanta co-star Zazie Beetz get animated in the Deadpool cartoon? Because that would be a-maz-ing.

Bec Heim