SDCC 2017: iZombie Cast Teases Season Four, Zombie Ravi, And More

Photo: Anna Hattingen / 4YE

In order to celebrate its fourth season, iZombie returns to Ballroom 20 for a special video presentation and Q&A during Comic Con International. The panel was made up of showrunners Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright, as well as stars Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders and Aly Michalka.

The cast and creative team got together to talk about what’s next for Liv and her crew now that Seattle has learned all about zombies and their existence. Aly Michalka talked about Peyton’s new position and the likeliness of finding her in a courtroom more often, rather than the office. “There are more cases now which are zombie vs human”, she said.

Rob Thomas said that the big reveal will also see a shift in power in Seattle, that there will be friction between pro-zombie groups as well as anti-zombie fractions disguised as a human anti-terror group. The showrunner also revealed an upcoming refugee crisis, as every human with a terminal disease is looking to get into Seattle to get scratched by a zombie and turned. “There’s not enough brains in Seattle to support all the Zombies, so Chase Graves wants to make it illegal for zombies to scratch humans”, so Thomas.

The zombie reveal also solidifies Liv’s position with the PD. “She seemed like a psychic for a long time, but now she’s actually a real player in the game”, says McIver. “Every detective has a zombie that they work with now.” So there’s a lot of changes coming to Seattle!

Still, there’s only one character whose fate truly hangs in the balance. Rahul Kohli said that he really loves playing a human Ravi, but turning into a zombie is a really tempting option. But no matter what, Ravi will always be loyal to Liv.

The biggest surprise comes in the form of a video message by everyone’s favourite bad guy Robert Knepper. He announced that he was joining iZombie as a series regular next season. This means we will further get to explore the relationship between Blaine and his dad!


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When it comes to the romantic relationships on the show, it will likely continue to be a colorful carousel. David Anders said that while he thinks the Blaine/Peyton ship has sailed, he will likely still have feelings for her: “Peyton is Peyton, Aly is Aly, of course Blaine still pines for her”.

The new situation in Seattle will also cause some friction between former fiancées Liv and Major, and will make for “interesting material”, as per Robert Buckley. “In real relationships people do disagree, and not everything you think will be exactly the same”, agrees McIver. “It’s a sign of self-worth that they are able to have these conversations and disagree on things. For me that is just great three-dimensional characters.”

The cast also talked about a potential musical episode, after one fan asked which songs they would choose as their characters’ theme song. Rose McIver said that the musical started out as a joke but has snowballed from there, but the only ones who desperately want to do it are herself and EP Diane Ruggiero-Wright, while Rob Thomas is against it and the rest of the cast is on the fence. Speaking for the audience, we would very much like to see it!

iZombie returns to The CW mid-season 2017/18.

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