SDCC 2017: Game Of Thrones Drops A New Trailer While Cast Shares Some Interesting Secrets


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One of this year’s most anticipated panels was Friday’s panel for HBO’s Game of Thrones. For the first time ever in the show’s history, the cast of the hit drama was in attendance at the convention while the current season is airing, thanks to a heavily delayed premiere. The show just returned last week, which kind of put the cast in a special position as they weren’t really able to share too much about this season (hello spoilers), but it did allow them to have a bit of fun and share some secrets about themselves and their characters.

The panel was moderated by Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor. The actor fittingly started the panel by uttering the word “Hodor”, which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

One of the many things touched on during the panel was Gwendoline Christie’s thoughts on Brienne and Tormund, given the obvious feelings that Tormund has displayed towards her.  “I don’t think at the foremost of her consciousness is a value system based on how men appreciate her,” she said. “But who doesn’t like being appreciated as both, really? But I don’t think that’s what she’s invested in. She’s finding it awkward. But underneath any awkwardness is potential secret enjoyment.” As for what Tormund has to do to win over the lady from Tarth. “I think to win Brienne’s heart is about mutual respect about your skill and your ideals, not about overpowering of sexual advance,” shared Christie.

Another thing addressed in the panel, which is weighing on everyone’s mind, is whether Sansa is being led astray by Littlefinger. “At first there was manipulation,” Sophie Turner said. “But as Sansa has grown and been a prisoner of all these master manipulators… she’s just as good as playing the game as he is at this point.” That fact hasn’t gone unnoticed though as Jon pointed it out to Sansa in last week’s episode, which Turner acknowledged. “She’s not like season 1 Sansa and looking for a relationship or love at the moment, she’s done with that,” Turner said. “She’s always on the search for happiness but sees the reality of the situation. In terms of seeing men in a different light, I think she sees the world in a different light. She’s woke now, guys. She trusts no one.”

Speaking of manipulators, Conleth Hill, who plays Varys, shared what he thinks scares Varys. “Whatever that sorcerer said,” Hill said. “He’s survived so much but that’s the one thing we don’t know — what was said. And with [Hodor’s] experience with words and ‘hold the door,’ I’m worried I’ll be holding a door at some point. That’s a mystery that I don’t know the answer to.”

The panel ended on a spectacular note as a new trailer was dropped.

Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays.

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