SDCC 2017: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Take The Stage to Talk Villains, Returns, and Future Trouble

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After disrupting the time line and ending up in a dinosaur-populated New York, our DC’s Legends of Tomorrow team now has to figure out how to correct the mess they made. The cast and producers took part in the DCTV panels at San Diego Comic Con to talk about what’s to come for season three.

They were quick to say that there is no quick-fix to their situation and that the team will take it one step at a time.  As teased in the exclusive Comic Con trailer, we see that this will bring them to the circus in the beginning of season three.

Unfortunately, fixing time won’t be too easy as they have a couple of villains getting in their way. One of those bad guys will be a Kuasa, a character introduced in the Vixen animated series. In addition to that, both Neal McDonough and Wentworth Miller will reprise their roles as fan-favorite villains Damien Darhk and Leonard Snart.

The return of Snart will particularly affect Mick, who has developed a lot over the last season, and has become more vulnerable. Take a look at what Dominic Purcell had to ay about his character’s journey.



They also introduced one of the new characters that will join our heroes on their trip. Tala Ashe will play Zari Tomaz, a Muslim-American hacker who, as per Tala, will most likely clash the most with Ray. As she is from the future she has a very different view of the world, and Ray’s optimism could be cause for friction.

Speaking of Ray, there has been talks of introducing his brother Sidney to the show, who would be played by Brandon Routh as well, as they’re supposed to look identical. The producers just have to find the right time to do so. They will also explore his childhood a bit more and the panel announced that the audience would get to meet Ray’s mother.

They also spoke a bit more about Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance, whose sexuality will be more pronounced this season. Marc Guggenheim said that last season Sara has seduced more women than men, and they want to show that she does indeed love both this season. Meanwhile Caity herself said that Sara does not necessarily need to be with a man (or a woman), and she doesn’t need to prove her sexuality to anyone, as long as she stays true to herself.

Take a look at Guggenheim’s statement below:

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow return this fall on The CW.

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