Power’s J.R. Ramirez Joins Jessica Jones Season 2

Credit: Marvel/Netflix

With The Defenders only weeks away from its release (thank God), we still can’t help but be excited for the solo series of our fave Marvel/Netflix characters to continue.

Especially everyone’s favorite asshole PI, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter).

After killing Killgrave (David Tennant) in what is still one of the most satisfying moments of TV to me, Jones has found herself with a lot of people who need her help. While part of her story in Defenders is trying to deal with the sudden notoriety, we can only assume this will continue into Jessica Jones season two.

While the cast for the second season looks amazing, it’s about to get even bigger.

According to Entertainment Weekly, J.R. Ramirez (PowerArrow) has joined the season two cast as a series regular. He will play Oscar, who moves into Jessica’s building as the superintendent with his young son. While said son is fascinated by Jessica and her powers, Oscar tries to keep his distance. Mainly worried about the trouble that seems to followed people with powers.

Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg had this to say on the casting.

“J.R. is an incredible addition to our cast, bringing complex and subtle emotion and humor. He exudes warmth, edge and intelligence, and blends perfectly with our tone.”

I definitely can’t wait to see what Ramirez brings to the show.

Jessica Jones season two does not have a release date. The Defenders will hit screens on August 18th.

Bec Heim