New Photos For Atomic Blonde Are Here

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Brace yourselves, fangirls and boys. Entertainment Weekly dropped a brand new round of promotional photos for Charlize Theron’s highly anticipated spy film Atomic Blonde and the images are stunning.

A film adaptation of Anthony Johnston’s graphic novel The Coldest City; Atomic Blonde centres around Lorraine Broughton (played by Charlize Theron) who a Cold War Spy sent to East Berlin in 1989 to investigate the murder of an MI6 agent in the days before the Berlin Wall fell.


James McAvoy plays double agent David Percival, a British spy who has become something of a loose canon in East Berlin, and one of the allies Lorraine has been sent to recover.

Credit: Entertainment Weekly


And Sofia Boutella (The Mummy, Kingsman) plays newly minted French spy Delphine, who becomes Lorraine’s lover.

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Director David Leitch along with his co-director Chad Stahelski (John Wick) runs 87Eleven Action Design, which trains actors for physically demanding roles.  Leitch redesigned several fight sequences upon realizing what Theron, a former dancer, was capable of and therefore imbuing the film with even more action.

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Theron endured months of physical training before production began. “She took a lot of injuries, and I’d watch her just come back the next day with a cracked tooth or a bruised rib and just keep going,” says McAvoy. The actress reportedly spent two full weeks perfecting just her fight stance and has been developing the film for five years.

If you haven’t already watched the featurette Fight Like A Girl a dozen times, check out the video below and prepare to gasp.

Replete with stunning visuals, intense fight sequences, and a hypnotising ’80s discotheque soundtrack, could Atomic Blonde be the answer to our collective prayers for a woman led Bond film? Early coverage certainly suggests that the movie delivers punch after punch, only lacking the 007 branding.

Atomic Blonde is poised to become Focus Features’ summer blockbuster, and you can see it in theaters on July 28.