Make Your Peace: 4YE’s Post Show Chat On Wynonna Earp’s Episode “She Ain’t Right”

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Welcome Earpers! We’ve got a brand new podcast for you that’s fresher than Wynonna’s donuts! Make Your Peace is a weekly podcast covering Syfy darling Wynonna Earp and hosted by Catherine Meushaw and Lara Hayes. So grab your six-shooters and let’s dig into this week’s drama.

This week, we’re talking about Season 2, episode 4 “She Ain’t Right”. Be sure to check out this week’s recap prior to listening to our podcast. You can listen on Youtube or by using the players below.

What did you all think of this week’s episode? We would love to hear your favorite moments and quotes from the show? Hit the comments below with your thoughts!



  1. Great podcast! As to some of the questions you posed: 1) Yes, we’ve heard of Edwin Earp before in ep 102 when Dolls & Wy are on the makeshift firing range, Dolls says the “your grandfather Edwin” worked with Black Badge. Wy responds “Ole Eddie the one-year wonder. Family legend has it that he came close to sending all 77 of Wyatt’s kills back to hell.” There’s also Info about him on Waverly’s murder board in her apartment above Shorty’s in ep 101. Her notes indicate Edwin put down 70 revenants. 77-70=7 Where have we heard that before? Ep 102 when Wy spares Levi to send a message to “his leader” that she’s coming for the revenants that attacked the Homestead, Levi refers to the Seven as having “3 dead heirs” under their belts. Presumably that’s Ward, Edwin & Edwin’s father. 2) Revenants-in ep 201 Moody (Lucado’s boss) says with Bobo gone, the Revenants have scattered all over the Triangle. In ep 103 when Waverly presents her research to Dolls, she says the Ghost River Triangle covers thousands of square miles. The exchange between Wy & Waves in 201 confirms there are 62 revenants left out there. Two practical reasons for changing things up with the introduction of other demonic creatures in Season 2: prevents a revenant shortage in future seasons and in the comic books, Wynonna hunts all manner of supernatural creatures for Black Badge. 3) While the plate likely has some significance, I found the fact the briefcase was described but Lucado to Waverly as “it will be heavy” and the demon says his tools were unable to open it-a metal he had never encountered. That plate would not have made a briefcase that size heavy. Can’t help but think that the case itself might be the valuable thing. 4) Gooverly behavior: Each time we saw the Goo in charge of Waverly and the Waverly regained control, there was a bit of residual effect. Gooverly is looking at the shiny trophy at the Homecoming event right before she disappears and Waverly kisses Nicole. I’m onboard with the Goo looking for a new host as we see does happen, but I think the comment after kissing Nicole has more to do with the “lack of fun” and wanting to stir things up. If that had been the search for a new host wouldn’t the Goo have evaluated Nicole as “too good?”

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast!!
      1. I remember the Edwin Earp mention earlier in season one, but I couldn’t remember if we had heard about him and Black Badge or had another Edwin mention after the first one.
      2. With the Revenants, I totally remember them mentioning them scatter and agree with you that it makes sense to spread it out and introduce more demons. I just thought it was notable and worth mentioning that Wynonna’s last Revenant was Bobo’s mercy kill.
      3. I didn’t even consider the briefcase was the important thing!!! I was way to distracted by the plate.
      4. There’s definitely a residual effect with the goo. With Nicole, I think that “Not good enough” could be “not good enough to take over,” like not susceptible enough or whatever to be taken over. I also think my thing was I just really didn’t like that “not good enough” comment lol.

    2. Laura, thank you for the wonderful comment! I didn’t remember the scatter remark, but I agree with you. Staggering those killings does ensure a Revenant stock pile!
      I hope you’ll join us again next week. And be sure to follow the brand new Make Your Peace Twitter account: @4YE_MyPPodcast
      Thank you again for your thoughtful answers.

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